Advent 2017

First Sunday of Advent - December 3rd

Is 63: 16-17, 19; 64: 2-7 / Ps 80: 2-3, 15-16, 18-19 / 1 Cor 1: 3-9 / Mk 13: 33-37

“Be watchful! Be alert!”  On this first Sunday of Advent, the gospel reminds us that we must always be prepared for the coming of the Lord.  As the grind of daily life gets more and more difficult, and the distractions of this earthly world seem to take over, this is such an important reminder.  We cannot allow ourselves to lose that anticipation and our deep longing for the Lord.  In our words and in our deeds, we must keep focused on God’s love for us, and continually reflect on how we can share that love with one another.  If we turn to God, in all that we are and all that we do, we will be saved.

God our Father has given us life… “we are all the work of your hands.”   Let us take that gift, and be a real manifestation of God’s love and grace to one another.  And let us share God’s love with all people – not simply our friends, or those with whom we share similar backgrounds, or experiences, or viewpoints.  Rather, let us love our enemies.  Let us love those who are different from us.  Let us love those who scorn us.

When God comes, we cannot be sleeping.  We must be awake, standing up to injustice.  We must be awake, welcoming the stranger with kindness and generosity.  We must be awake, promoting a world of love and peace.


Christine Kelleher Palus
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Dean of Graduate Studies