Advent 2016

First Saturday in Advent - December 3rd

Is 30: 19-26 // Ps 147: 1-6 // Mt 9: 35 / 10: 1, 6-8

As the first week of Advent nears to a close, we are gently reminded of the many graces and blessings that come to those who wait in the Lord.  During this season of Advent, a period of expectant waiting and preparation for our Lord’s coming into the world, the first reading from Isaiah reminds us that all we need, we can find in our Lord. “He will be gracious to you when you cry out, as soon as he hears he will answer you. The Lord will give you the bread you need and the water for which you thirst.” A great reminder for us all, especially for those times we feel that God may have abandoned us, we are called to trust that God will always provide.

In the midst of this waiting, God is also calling us to action.  In today’s Gospel from Matthew, Jesus calls on his twelve disciples, granting them the authority to go out and heal those who are lost and gone astray, just as we have seen Jesus, himself, do in the previous sections.  He tells them, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons. Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.”  All God asks of us is to bring comfort to those who need it most, to share with them the same love and compassion that God has shown us, not looking for anything in return.

What is God calling on you to do this Advent season in the midst of your waiting? How can you help to bring about the good news of Christ to others, just as his twelve disciples were called to do, with an open and generous heart?

Lisa Mehalick
Campus Ministry (2013)