Advent 2013

First Monday of Advent - December 2nd

Is 4: 2-6 / Ps 122: 1-9 / Mt 8: 5-11

The first week of Advent has arrived. It is always a time of preparation and anticipation of holidays to come. Our first reading from Isaiah tells us about a future restoration of God’s protecting love and presence. This is Isaiah’s vision of the future of God’s kingdom. The theme of God’s kingdom is revisited in the second reading from Matthew in the cure of the Centurion’s servant. Jesus has just returned to Galilee and begins to preach about the kingdom of heaven through teaching and healing. The story reveals that the centurion spent time observing Jesus and witnessed his healing power. It is a rather remarkable story of faith by someone who was not a disciple yet recognized that Jesus had the power to heal.

Maybe during this sacred time of Advent, we might take some time each day to reflect on our relationship to Jesus in our lives and ponder our response in faith and discipleship. It is in a discipleship that continues to work day by day for the healing and restoration needed to rebuild the kingdom of God, a peaceful and just world – and it will be called “holy.”

Advent is a time of reflection on the event of Jesus’ birth, his vulnerability as a child of Mary and Joseph. This event of Christmas captures all our hearts and minds. It is a beautiful reminder of the simple way Jesus enters our lives. May we enkindle that love and faith, yet again this Advent, in our hearts and minds and connect it more wholistically to all our activities and relationships.

Barbara Wall
Mission & Ministry