Other Programs

The Center for Faith and Learning looks to support any individual or group interested in the intersections between and among religion, faith, learning and lived experience. To this end, the Center is always ready to collaborate with students, faculty or staff, regardless of religious affiliation, to explore how faith not only enriches our lives but the community of which we are members. 

New Employee Mission Orientation

The Center currently assists the Office for Mission & Ministry and the Department of Human Resources with  New Employee Mission Orientation on the topic of  the Catholic and Augustinian tradition of Villanova University.

New Faculty Visits

The Center currently assists the Office for Mission & Ministry by providing a visit to new faculty.  Faculty who are new to Villanova University are invited to have the Director visit with them for a short time at their office to be welcomed, to have an opportunity to learn more about the mission of the University and specifically about the programs for all faculty offered by the Center for Faith and Learning.

If you have suggestions or specific needs related to faith and learning, please contact the Center at: beth.hassel@villanova.edu.

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