Faculty Mentors to Faith and Learning Scholars

2014-2015 Academic Year

St. Monica Group – Seniors (2012-2015):

  • Ronald Hill, PhD
  • Kevin Hughes, PhD
  • Michelle M. Kelly, PhD
  • Jennifer Joyce, PhD
  • Helen Lafferty, PhD
  • Olukunle Owolabi, PhD
  • Alan Pichanick, PhD
  • Sara Reeder, PhD
  • Carol Weingarten, PhD
  • Jonathan Yates, PhD

St. Thomas of Villanova Group – Juniors (2013-2016):

  • Christopher Barnett, PhD
  • Frank Falcone, MS
  • Kathryn Getek-Soltis, PhD
  • Gunita Grover, PhD
  • Mary Hirschfeld, PhD
  • Thomas Monahan, PhD
  • Rose O'Driscoll, MSN, RN
  • Mary Pickett, PhD
  • Vito Punzi, PhD
  • Mark Scott, PhD
  • Dorothy Skaf, PhD
  • James Trainer, PhD
  • Catherine E. Wilson, PhD
  • Teresa Wojcik, PhD

St. Augustine II Group – Sophomores (2014-2017):

  • Gerald Beyer, PhD
  • Peter Busch, PhD
  • Rev. Francis Caponi, OSA, PhD
  • Christopher Daly, PhD
  • Brett Grainger, PhD
  • Denise Hanes, PhD
  • Karl Hefty, PhD
  • Tamara Kear, PhD
  • Stefanie Knauss, PhD
  • Bette Mariani, PhD
  • Daniel Mark, PhD
  • Rev. Joseph Mostardi, OSA, DMin
  • Nancy Sharts-Hopko, PhD
  • Rachel J. Smith, PhD
  • Robert Styer, PhD
  • James M. Wilson, PhD


* Faculty Mentors for Faith and Learning Scholars cumulative updated 140911.pdf
14-15 Comprehensive List of Faculty Mentors to Faith and Learning Scholars
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Senior Scholars Say:

"Our dinner dialogues were always like a breath of fresh air for me -- they helped me take a step back and consider my faith, something that I don't always make time for in my day-to-day life. Those moments became very important to me over the past three years."
"I have had the opportunity to meet a group of people all with the same focus of school and integrated faith.  I never thought I would be able to connect with these students (and faculty) in one setting. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience faith and learning these three years."
"I'm a more confident person. Not just in my faith life, though that's certainly true, but I feel like a more well-rounded individual for having participated in this program. I'm more open. I'm more comfortable talking about myself and my experiences."

Faith & Learning Scholars Program

The formation process for the '16-'19 community of faculty Mentors and student Scholars (freshmen who will then be rising sophomores) will begin in January.  Sample Mentor and Scholar applications are posted for information.

Please feel free to contact us at the Center for more information or to answer any questions you may have.



* Scholars application 2015-2016.pdf
Scholars application 2015-2016
* Faculty Mentors for Faith and Learning Scholars cumulative updated 141219.pdf
Comprehensive list of Faculty Mentors for Faith and Learning Scholars
* Faculty Mentors application 2015-2016.pdf
Faculty Mentors application 2015-2016