Past Contributors Photo Album - 2013-2014

To document the 2013-2014 Faculty Dialogue Luncheon program since it was underwritten by the Lilly Fellows Program Small Grant, photographs of faculty presenters were taken. From that time we have continued to document the participation of faculty who share and help to structure the conversations. This is a photo album of the presenters from Fall 2013 to date.

2013-2014 Faculty Presenters - Exploring Teaching as Vocation

Deans John Gotanda Kail Ellis Louise Fitzpatrick
John Y. Gotanda, Professor of Law, Dean, Villanova School of Law; Rev. Kail C. Ellis, OSA, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs; and M. Louise Fitzpatrick, EdD, RN, FAAN, Connelly Endowed Dean and Professor, College of Nursing
Drs. Shauna MacDonald, Katina Sawyer, Theo Arapis
Shauna MacDonald, PhD, Communication; Katina Sawyer, PhD, Psychology and Theodore Arapis, PhD, Public Administration
Amy Fleischer, Craig Wheeland, Teresa Wojcik
Amy Fleischer, PhD, Mechanical Engineering; Craig Wheeland, PhD, Professor, Public Administration and Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs; Teresa Wojcik, PhD, Education
Joseph Orkwiszewski Aronte Bennett David Dinehart
Joseph Orkwiszewski, PhD, Biology and Associate Dean Baccalaureate Studies; Aronte Bennett, PhD, Marketing and Business Law and David Dinehart, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2013-2014 Faculty Presenters - Witnessing to Our Faith Traditions

Pritpal Singh Marylu Hill Rev. Joseph Mostardi
Pritpal Singh, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Marylu Hill, PhD, Augustine and Culture Seminar and Rev. Joseph Mostardi OSA, DMin, Campus Ministry
Ruth McDermott Levy Rosalind Wynne Edward Fierros
Ruth McDermott-Levy, PhD, Nursing; Rosalind Wynne, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Edward Garcia Fierros, PhD, Education and Counseling.
Michael Levitan Sara Reeder Christopher Daly
Michael Levitan, PhD, Mathematics and Statistics; Sara Reeder, PHD, Nursing; Christopher Daly, PhD, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program
C Nataraj Mark Scott Lisa Rodrigues
C Nataraj, PhD, Mechanical Engineering; Mark Scott, PhD, Augustine and Culture Seminar; Lisa Rodrigues, PhD, Geography and the Environment