Joint Projects

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CRS/Villanova Theater Department Drama Project (Summer 2005)

With CRS scholarship support, three Villanova graduate theater students spent one week on the Arizona/Mexico border, interviewing migrants, ranchers, border patrol, human rights activists, parish priests and social ministers, etc. Drawing on their experience, the students wrote, produced, and performed "Line in the Sand: Stories from the U.S. Mexico Border," an hour-long production that tells the human and complex story of immigration. "Line in the Sand" has been performed for university, church, and community audiences in the Northeast.

image of Villanova grad, Gina Pisasale portraying Lucresia
Villanova grad, Gina Pisasale, portrays Lucresia. Lucresia is attempting to cross the Arizona desert to reunite her and her children with her husband in the States. (Photo credit David Snyder)
group shot of co-authors
Co-authors of THE LINE IN THE SAND and Villanova theatre grads Jared Delaney, Elizabeth Pool, Gina Pisasale, and Baird Kistner, pose at this rest stop in northern Mexico. (Photo credit Kevin Kostic)
image of Villanova grad, Jared Delaney
Villanova grad program of theatre graduate, Jared Delaney, portrays a Tuscan Border Patrol Agent. (Photo credit David Snyder.)
image of publicity poster
Publicity poster for the Villanova performance. (Photo credit Kevin Kostic)