CRS Internships

What is the CRS Northeast/Mid Atlantic Regional Office Internship?

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Each fall the CRS Northeast/MidAtlantic Regional Office of Catholic Relief Services offers a 3 credit academic internship placement for a qualified "rising junior". The CRS regional office is located ten minutes and one train stop from campus at 150 North Radnor Chester Road, in Radnor.  

  • The student intern must be available to work in the CRS office 10 hours per week on regularly scheduled days and times for the entire semester.
  • The intern will assist the CRS Justice and Peace Liaison with research and presentations and materials preparation.


  • A demonstrated interest in and commitment to global justice, and peace, and global solidarity
  • Is comfortable with the language of faith
  • Excellent computer skills: ability to use WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint
  • Works independently, is responsible and flexible
  • Strong research, writing, verbal, and organizational skills.

Important to note: Students must complete the application for the CRS internship by the deadline indicated on the application form. 

In addition, because this is a 3 credit internship awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences, students must also apply for and satisfy the College's internship requirements.

Summer Internships at CRS  

An internship at Catholic Relief Services provides you with professional experience, knowledge and skills to help you enter the world of international NGOs. CRS offers you the opportunity to work with a diverse group of colleagues and gain exposure to the international relief & development world, valuable contacts and useful references. An internship at CRS is an excellent way to develop your professional skills and explore the field of international development with a faith-based organization.

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CRS Full/Partime Internships and Careers

Catholic Relief Services considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, age, marital status or physical or mental disability. CRS' talent acquisition procedures reflect thier commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.

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CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Interns

  • Fall, 2016 - Rita Marino, Danielle Radomile
  • Summer, 2016 - Margaret Sanborn
  • Fall, 2015 - Sajid Hossain
  • Spring, 2015 - Matthew Myers
  • Fall, 2014 - Rodrigio Rivera
  • Fall, 2013 - Charlie Bates
  • Fall, 2012 - Carolyn Rau
  • Fall, 2011 - Kerri Robertson
  • Fall, 2010 - Yolanna  DuPlessis
  • Fall, 2009 - Jennifer Maez, Joseph Catuzzi, Maria Zumaraga
  • Fall, 2008 - Beth Awalt
  • Fall, 2007 - Linley Kirkwood
  • Fall, 2006 - Elizabeth McCarthy
  • Spring, 2006 - Jaime Gentile

CRS International Headquarters

  • Summer, 2014 - Siobhan Cooney, Morgan Gruenewald, Andrew Zoeller
  • Fall, 2013 - Andrea Zinn
  • Summer, 2013 - Sarah Garwood, Siobhan Cooney,
  • Summer, 2011 - Julie Ann Opt
  • Summer, 2007 - Amrachi Utah

CRS Overseas Internships

  • Summer, 2016 - Mary Alice Platt, Marsha Richard  (Worked Remotely for CRS Central African Regional Office)
  • Summer, 2016 - Briana Brown, Eric Wagner (Worked Remotely - Madagascar)
  • Summer, 2016 - Danielle Radomile, Ashley Seyfried (Worked Remotely - GIS Projects for Africian Regions)
  •  Summer, 2015 - Benjamin Bogardus, Sean Carney, Morgan Gruenewald, Stephanie Krakower, Tara Malanga, Kerby Souffrant  (Madagascar)
  • Summer, 2007 - Amy Knop-Narbutis (Ecuador), Katrine Herrick (Cambodia)
  • Summer, 2006 - Laura Hoffman (Lebanon)
  • Summer, 2005 - Christopher Lamar (Nicaragua)

CRS Fellow in Rwanda

  • Spring, 2015 - Jerica Youngken


Timeline for 2016 Applications

Jan 13 - 27
Internship Advertised
Feb 3, 5 p.m.
  Application Materials Due
Feb 8
Candidates Notified and Interviews Scheduled
Feb 10 - 17
Candidates Interviewed
Feb 19
Selected Candidate Notified
Mar 8, 5 p.m.
  Candidate Acceptance Due