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Fair and Ethical Trade: Examining Impact and Reimagining a Just Economy


Climate Change

Session I: Fair Trade and Ethical Trade: State of the Movement

(February 8 - 19)

What comes to mind when you think of fair and ethical trade?

  • An economic system striving for justice.
  • Fair, livable wages for producers.
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly.
  • Coffee, chocolate, wine and artisan crafts.

Through multiple lens and viewpoints, we will provide analysis of the state of fair trade today and explore the future of the movement together.

global climate change

Session II: Fair Trade Impact: Coffee as a Case Study

(March 28 - April 8)

CRS envisions a coffee sector that is centered on smallholder coffee growers who are profitable, coffee farmworkers who are empowered, and coffee-growing landscapes that build natural capital, mitigate the impacts of climate change and deliver more clean water to communities that lie downstream. It is a vision that depends on public sector policymakers and private-sector practices that make the coffee trade more inclusive, more equitable and more ecological.

But there are complex challenges and dynamic forces shaping our programs on the ground.  This session will explore CRS' work in the coffee sector in the field as well as the challenges raised by several academics who study the issue.

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