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Confronting Slavery and Human Trafficking

Spring 2014: Session I: The Case of Forced Labor, February 10-12

It is estimated that up to 27 million people are currently enslaved workers ( This session will introduce students to the scope and realities of forced labor today, focusing on the situation in Brazil. Readings, video, and live discussion will highlight the way that CRS works with local partners in Brazil to reduce forced labor in the agriculture, timber, and livestock industries. View resources for this session

Spring 2014: Session II: Sex Trafficking, March 24 - April 4

An estimated 2 million people — mostly girls — are trafficked each year for the sex trade (UNODC 2012 Report on Trafficking). This session will introduce students to the scope and realities of human trafficking related to sexual exploitation. Readings, video, and other material will highlight the factors that contribute to this type of trafficking, the most hopeful strategies for prevention, and the work of CRS’ partner organizations.  This session will also explore the various strategies employed by other organizations working on this issue.  Finally, we will ask what action is needed on our part to put an end to this crime against humanity.View resources for this session

*Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the official overseas humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic Community. It alleviates suffering and provides assistance to people in need in more than 100 countries without regard to race, religion, or nationality.


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Spring 2014 GSN Sessions (Faculty Only)

Spring 2014 - Session I - Feb. 10 - 21
The Case of Forced Labor

Spring 2014 - Session II - Mar. 24 - Apr. 4
Sex Trafficking

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