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What is it?

The CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) is an online learning community and curricular resource for colleges and universities. It offers “units” for download on a variety of social justice-related themes which contain academic resources (articles, videos, news analysis, and study guides). One “spotlight” theme per semester features newly curated resources, live webcasts with CRS experts, and an optional online discussion forum. Faculty are free to incorporate the FLC flexibly into existing classes, utilizing selected resources in any way they would like. The program is free of charge.

How does the FLC work?

Archived course materials are available for use at any time without any special registration requirements (beyond the one-time site registration required of all FLC users, faculty or student).

Faculty need to sign up for (aka "engage") CURRENT sessions so that we can know how faculty plan to use the material. Current course materials can be used in one of two ways:

Level 1 – Use the resources “a la carte” in your syllabus

  • Pick and choose one or more readings or videos and use in your course in your own time and manner.
  • Help students make connections between content of your course and the world’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Engage with CRS staff via video webcast during one or both sessions (optional).

Level 2 – Use the key resources as central texts in your syllabus AND the online forum

  • Use suggested “key resources” as central texts in your course.
  • Coordinate your class with another professor in a similar field. You and another professor will be paired by CRS staff in a CRS FLC-hosted online forum with the goal of creating an intercollegiate learning community during the designated two-week period.
  • Engage with CRS staff in a video webcast (live or recorded) during the FLC session (optional).

To sign up to use a current FLC session, faculty simply visit their personal "dashboard" and "engage a session." In order to create a personal dashboard, all users (students and faculty) will be asked to complete a simple one-time site registration. If faculty elect to use level 2, further instructions will be sent from CRS staff regarding the discussion forums.

To Learn More:

To learn more visit university.crs.org/ today!



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