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What is it?

The CRS Global Solidarity Network (GSN) study e-broad program is an online learning community and curricular resource that offers students and faculty in the United States a deeper understanding of the challenges the world’s most vulnerable face, as well as their strength and resilience. It provides insight into the multi-faceted nature of humanitarian relief and development work as well as the principles that inform Catholic Relief Services and its partners.

How does the GSN work?

The GSN is designed to be used in courses in a variety of disciplines, from liberal arts to professional education in business, health sciences, engineering and others.
The GSN provides faculty and students with current information and on-the-ground analysis from CRS expert staff working directly on these issues. Resources and topics are selected by a faculty advisory committee, together with CRS staff.
For a two-week period, students review short essays and videos prepared by CRS and faculty experts on a particular topic. At the highest level of engagement, faculty can additionally choose to participate in an online discussion forum linked to one other class at a participating college or university. In addition, these faculty will have the option to participate in a live web-meeting with CRS staff.
The GSN program and website aim to be a resource for higher education, connecting faculty and students from around the country in an online community of networking and resources.

What are my options for engagement with the GSN (as a faculty member)?

  • Register for Level One:  Faculty are invited to use the resources as a supplement in their course.
  • Register for Level Two: Faculty are invited to use the resources as central texts in their course. For online discussion, faculty would use their own institution’s online discussion platform (such as Blackboard or Moodle). This level of engagement is suitable for faculty who want to make the GSN written work more like a paper submission or conduct online discussion with their own class only.
  • Register for Level Three: Faculty are invited to use the resources as central texts in their course AND are invited to participate in the webcast and CRS-hosted discussion board. Webcast participation = submitting questions for the webcast event and watching the webcast either live or recorded. Discussion board participation = being paired (by CRS) in a chatroom with another participating class on a hosted platform and using CRS-designated common texts. Faculty can request specific classes/course types for pairings. The aim here is that the smaller discussion forums will yield more pointed discussion and learning and that faculty will find the collaboration with one another fruitful.

    When you use the GSN, you can globalize your class without leaving your college or university.
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To learn more visit today!



GSN Session Registration

Spring 2015 GSN Sessions (Faculty Only)

Technology and Justice: How Information Technology is Changing International Development

Spring 2015 - Session I 
February 9 - 20
ICT4D-Healthier Communities

Spring 2015 - Session II
March 16 - 27
ICT4D-Better Business