Student Ambassadors

CRS Campus Ambassadors serve as the official liaison between their campus community and CRS with responsibility for keeping their campus informed and engaged in helping CRS fight disease and poverty and nurture peaceful and just societies. Each Fall, the five CRS U.S. Regional Offices hold Campus Ambassador trainings by region and/or individual campuses. CRS Campus Ambassadors return to their campus energized. CRS Campus Ambassadors are supported by CRS programs and resources and report directly to their faculty/staff supervisors in the sponsoring campus office. The CRS Campus Ambassador network, part of a large cohort of 220+ Ambassadors at 40+ college and universities across the U.S., share their successes and best practices with CRS and network with their peer Ambassadors at other universities. Not only do CRS Campus Ambassadors find it rewarding to be part of a network that is a powerful voice for the global poor—Ambassadors also find it to be a lot of fun!

Interested in joining as a student ambassador? Please view the application.

* CRS Ambassador 2013-14 Application.docx
Student Ambassador Application

Charlie Bates and Sarah Garwood, Co-Presidents

Fair Trade

  • Kaitlin Thompson

 Food Security

  • Liz McKernan
  • Claire VanAsdale


  • Matthew Roberts
  • Tiffany Weisbecker


  • Sarah Dunbar


  • Anna Burnham
  • Chelsea Crane

Social Media and Marketing

  • Elena Giannella

Global Health

  • Caroline Shank


  • Kristen Robert
  • Nora Doherty


CRS Ambassador Regional Training Workshop

Villanova University
Saturday, October 25th
Garey Hall

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Buying into Fair Trade, Ambassadors had a three person panel consisting of a sociologist, economist and a Whole Foods manager on April 29th. The overall theme was to generate a discussion revolving around creating a culture of ethical consumption and business. You Tube video

Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy

The Bread for the World National Gathering, held in Washington DC in June, was attend by three CRS Ambassadors. Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation's leaders to end hunger at home and abroad.The Ambassadors attended sessions and participated in Lobby Day to advocate on hunger issues.

Alter at Vigil

Week of Solidarity with Syria's Refugees, Ambassadors invited the university community to an interfaith Vigil on Thursday, November 7, at 5:30 p.m. in St. Thomas of Villanova church for the purpose of expressing solidarity with Syria’s refugees. Donations were collected through Text to Give and events on campus.

grass roots in advocacy

Grass Roots Advocacy in Action

image of 2008 Legislative Advocacy Report
2008 Legislative Advocacy Report