Accomplishments 2012-2013

University Lectures and Events

  • Careers in Global Development Day: A Roadmap to Your Career, April 2, 2013.  Sponsored by the CRS University Partnership; the Center for Global and Public Health, College of Nursing; the Career Center.  Co-sponsors: The Center for Global Leadership, Villanova School of Business; the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. View The Event Program and Career Resource
    • Opening Panel: “International Development as a Career Field,” Panelists: Chandreyee Banerjee, CRS Country Representative for Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey; Shannon Senefeld, Ph.D., CRS Global Director of Health and HIV; Sean Moore, Acumen Fund Senior Portfolio Associate.
    • Breakouts: Humanitarian Engineering, Dennis Warner, Ph.D., Global Water Consultant; Advocacy, Larry Hollar, Bread for the World Senior Regional Organizer; Global Health, Shannon Senefeld, Ph.D., Venture Philanthropy, Sean Moore.
    • Resource Area Career Fair.  Representatives from graduate programs related to international development, NGOs, post-graduate Volunteer Opportunities, Villanova curricular and co-curricular opportunities (Event Total Attendance: 168)

Faculty Development

  • Faculty Workshop Fall 2012: After the Disaster: The Roles and Potential of NGOs, Civil Society, the Media, Military, Governments and Universities, Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director, Middle East and Europe; Jack Byrne, CRS Country Representative, Pakistan; Tom Price, CRS Senior Communications Manager; Francis Galgano, Ph.D., Chair, Geography and the Environment; Jordan Ermilio, P.E., Director, Engineering Service Program; Seth Whidden, Ph.D., Director, French and Francophone Studies 10/26/2012 (attendance: 30 faculty)

Curriculum Global Solidarity Network (GSN) Sessions

  • Fall 2012:
    • Natural Resource Extraction
      • Fueling Conflict
      • Risks to Environment and Health - 5 classes participated

CRS Classroom/Departmental Guest Lecturers

  •  “Programming for Food Security in Lesotho,” Chandreyee Banjerjee, Country Director, Lesotho, Global Poverty and Justice class, Professor Toton, 2/21/13.
  • “Life Working for CRS,” Chandreyee Banerjee, Country Director, Lesotho, Informal Presentation to the CRS Ambassadors, 3/26/13.
  • "Syria: Not Just Another Arab Uprising,” Center for Arab and Islamic Studies Symposium, Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director, the Middle East and Europe, 9/24/12 (approximately 100 in attendance)
  • “Citizen or Dhimmi: Christians in the Middle East,” Theology Graduate Colloquium, Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director, the Middle East and Europe, 10/4/12 (approximately 70 in attendance)
  • “Land and Social Justice in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Mark Schnellbaecher, Guest Lecturer, Hebrew Prophets class, Professor Horner, 10/8/12
  • “Gender Issues in Pakistan,” Jack Byrne, Guest Lecturer, Modern India and Pakistan class, Professor Kolsky, 10/10/12.
  • “After the Disaster: CRS’ Response to Flooding in Pakistan 2010-12,” Jack Byrne, Guest Lecturer, Geography and Environmental Studies Honors Society, Professor Galgano, 10/25/12.
  • “Life Working for an NGO,” Jack Byrne and Mark Schnellbaecher, Informal Presentation for the CRS Ambassadors, 10/26/12.
  • “Transnational Non-State Actors,” Mark Schnellbaecher, Guest Lecturer, International Relations Political Science class, Professor Dixon, 11/11/12.
  • “CRS in Pakistan,” Jack Byrne, Guest Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Humanities Honors Seminar, Professor Immerwahr, 11/12/12.
  • “CRS Programming for Returned Undocumented Honduran Children,” Jack Byrne, Guest Lecturer, Option for the Poor Theology class, Professor Toton, 11/15/12.
  • “CRS in Pakistan,” Jack Byrne, Islamic Studies Program Lecture, Professor Abugidieri,  11/19/12.
  • “CRS’ Human Trafficking Programming in Eastern Europe,” Mark Schnellbaecher, Guest Lecturer, Human Trafficking Graduate Law, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Nursing Seminar, Professors Copel, Morgan, Murray, 11/19/12.
  • “Catholic Relief Services,” Guest Lecturer,  Effective Non-Profit Management Graduate Seminar, Professor Wilson, 11/20/12.
  • "CRS’ International Development Fellows Program,” Jack Byrne and Mark Schnellbaecher, University Presentation, November 28, 2012.

CRS Sabbaticals  

Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director for the Middle East and Europe and Jack Byrne, CRS Country Representative for Pakistan are spending their sabbaticals in residence at Villanova.  This is the first time CRS has granted a semester-long sabbatical to its staff.  Villanova is pleased to be the university host.  Fall 2012

CRS Internships

Carolyn Rau ’13, (Political Science) CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, Fall 2012