Accomplishments 2010-2011

University Lectures and Events

  • "Palestinian & Israeli Bereaved Families: A Powerful Force for Peace," Ali Abu Awwad (Palestinian Parents Circle Families Forum) and Yuval Rahamim (Israeli Parents Circle Families Forum), 4/5/11 (attendance: approximately 70)
  • Vigil and Advocacy: "Stand in Solidarity for Peace In Sudan." (calls and text messages to White House urging Obama Administration to continue to use its influence to press for peace before, during and after the 1/9/11 Referendum in Sudan.  Speakers: Barbara Wall, VP for University Mission & Ministry; Maureen McCullough, Director, CRS N.E. and Mid-Atlantic Region; Malual DengDuot, M.A. '11, (Political Science) and Sudanese "Lost Boy," Peter Chol and Garang Kwach (Sudanese "Lost Boys"),  Prof. Timothy Horner (Humanities) (media coverage: WHYY Radio and The Catholic Standard and Times) 12/7/10 (approximately 350 in attendance)
  • University provided transportation to D.C. and meals for approximately 25 Philadelphia area Sudanese "Lost Boys" to vote in the Sudan Referendum 1/9/11 (media coverage by Reuters, WHYY Radio, KYW Radio)
  • The Global Water Crisis: Conflict & Cooperation University Symposium 11/8/10 (approximately 1,000 in attendance):
    • Introductory Plenary: "Water, Conflict & Cooperation," Presenters: Thomas Bamat, Ph.D. (CRS Senior Technical Advisor, Justice and Peacebuilding), Jason Gehrig (CRS Water Consultant), Dennis B. Warner (CRS Senior Technical Advisor, Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Resources Development)
    • Breakout A: "Not a Drop to Drink: Water and Public Health," Frances Keen, DNSc, RN,C. (College of Nursing), Bridget Wadzuk, Ph.D. (College of Engineering)
    • Breakout B: "Water for Sale: Measuring the Cost," Presenters: James O'Brien, M.E. (College of Engineering), Christopher Kilby, Ph.D. (School of Business)
    • Breakout C: "Water and Technology: Preventing and Mitigating Conflict," Presenters: Mark H. Dunscomb, P.G., (Schnabel Engineering), Michael B. Ingles, V.P. (WorldWater and Solar Technologies), Jeff Ballew (General Electric)
    • Breakout D: "Water, War, Conflict and Law," Presenters: Joseph Dellapenna, J.D. (Law School), Francis A. Galgano, Jr., Ph.D. (Department of Geography and the Environment, College of Arts & the Sciences)
    • Plenary: "Haiti: Let's Get It Right," Ken Hackett, President, Catholic Relief Services
  • "Career Choices in Engineering: International Development, Humanitarian Engineering & Peacebuilding," Dennis B. Warner, Ph.D., CRS Senior Technical Advisor for Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Resources Development, 11/7/10 (attendance: 75)
  • "Haiti: Building Back Better," Annemarie Reilly, CRS Vice President for Overseas Operations, CRS Headquarters Coordinator for CRS' Haiti Response, 9/23/10 (approximately 100 in attendance)
  • "The Story Behind the Fair Trade Label," Rigoberto Contreras Diaz, Founding Member of Yeni Navan Cooperative, Santa Rosa, Oxaca, MX, 9/16/10 (approximately 50 in attendance)
  • "Shining Light on the Crisis in the Congo," Mathilde Muhindo Mwamini, Director Centre Olame DRC, and Olun Kamitatu, CRS Central Africa Technical Advisor. 7/28/10 (approximately 30 faculty in attendance)

Faculty Development

  • Faculty Workshop, Fall 2010: Haiti: Building Back Better, Annemarie Reilly, CRS Vice President for Overseas Operations, CRS Headquarters Coordinator for CRS' Haiti Response; Francis A. Galgano, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Geography and the Environment; Maghan Keita, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies 9/24/10 (attendance: 35 faculty)

Curriculum Global Solidarity Network Sessions

  • Fall 2010: Economic Justice & Fair Trade - 10 classes participated.  Peacebuilding - 5 classes participated
  • Spring 2011: Water - 2 classes participated.  Food Security - 3 classes participated.  Migration - 1 class participated

CRS Classroom Guest Lecturers

  • "Human Trafficking in Sri Lanka," Fr. George Sigamony, Director, CRS/ Caritas Sri Lanka, (Class: Modernity & its Discontent, Class: The Option for the Poor), 3/23/10

CRS Internships

  • Yolanna DuPlessis '12 (GIS), CRS Northeast Regional Office, Fall 2010

CRS-VU Related Research

  • "The Peacebuilding Potential of Catholic Relief Services' Savings and Internal Lending Communities in Rwanda," Journal for Peace & Justice Studies,  Vol. 20, Number 2 (2011): 76-93.


  • University Dining Services: Contract with Pura Vida Coffee (exclusively fair trade corporation) in support of university mission and partnership with CRS. Fair Trade coffee is available in all university dining facilities