Accomplishments 2008-2009

University Lectures and Events

  • "Iraqi Refugees," Arlene Flaherty (CRS N.E. Office), Michele Pistone (Villanova University Law School), Nadia Barclay (Bryn Mawr College), 25th Anniversary Conference of the Center for Arab & Islamic Studies, "Mirror Images: Challenges for Arab & Islamic Studies, " 4/3/09 (attendance: 60)
  • "Solidarity Will Transform the World: Lessons Learned from CRS' 65 Years of Overseas Experience," Michael Wiest, CRS Executive Vice President for Fund Development and Marketing, co-sponsored by the Center for Peace & Justice Education, 2/11/09 (attendance: 50)
  • "Considering a Career in International Relief and Development: An Informal Conversation with Michael Wiest," co-sponsored by the Center for Peace and Justice Education and Business Without Borders, 2/11/09 (attendance: 50)
  • "The Global Food Crisis: On the Ground in Ethiopia," Candice Harris, CRS Advocacy Program Officer, CRS N.E. Office, co-sponsored by the Campus Ministry Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Committee, 11/17/09 (attendance: 60)
  • "Peacebuilding in Sudan," Paul Nantulya,, CRS Peacebuilding & Governance Manager, Sudan, 9/25/08 (attendance: 60)

Faculty Development

  • Fall 2008 Faculty Workshop: Peacebuilding Curriculum Workshop, Paul Nantula, CRS Peacebuilding & Governance Manager, Sudan, Fr. Michael Perry, CRS Senior Technical Adviser for Justice and Peace, 9/26/08 (attendance: 50)

Curriculum Global Solidarity Network Sessions

  • Spring 2009:
    • Peacebuilding in Israel & Palestine (2 sessions) - 14 classes participated - included approx. 100 nursing students
    • Food Security - 1 graduate class participated.
  • Fall 2008:
    • Migration - 3 classes participated
    • Peacebuilding in Africa - 5 classes participated.

CRS Classroom Guest Lecturers

  • "Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC): Building Capacity in Eastern Africa," Guy Vanmeenen, CRS Senior Technical Advisor for Microfinance in Africa, 3/26/09 (Management: International Comparative Management class, Prof. Chaudry, approx 35 students)
  • "The principles of SILC," Guy Vanmeenen 3/26/09 (joint business and engineering Fall 2009 service learning project, Ifugao, Philippines, Profs. Klingler and Ermilio, approx. 35 students)
  • "Peacebuilding In Uganda: Reconciliation for Rebel-abducted Children," Sr. Pauline Silver Acayo, CRS Peacebuilding Officer, Uganda, 10/7/08 (Theology: Global Poverty and Justice, 2 sections, approx. 70 students)

CRS Legislative Advocacy Practicum on the Food Aid Provisions in the Fam Bill

Seven students enrolled in Global Poverty: Economics and Theology in Conversation, an interdisciplinary, team-taught course by Professors Kishor Thanawala and Suzanne Toton, participated in an intensive, semester-long, legislative advocacy training on the food aid provisions in the farm bill, slated for reauthorization in April. Students were briefed at regular intervals during the semester by CRS's food aid policy and legislative advocacy experts, using lectures and video an audio conferencing. The training culminated in a Capitol Hill Lobby Day on April 11 with each student meeting with his/her legislator. This was a joint initiative with Cabrini College, a CRS higher education partner institution. The Cabrini students were enrolled in a core curriculum course titled, Working for the Common Good. The CRS legislative advocacy training was coordinated to effectively use CRS personnel.

CRS Internships

  • Elizabeth Awalt '10 (Mathematics), CRS Northeast Regional Office, Fall 2008

CRS-VU-Related Research

Faculty Research:

  1. Kenneth Taylor and Catherine E. Wilson, "CAFTA-DR, Politics, Trade, and Small Farmers" (submitted for publication)
  2. Timothy Horner, D. Phil., Center for Liberal Education, "The Fourth Silence," academic paper delivered, Annual Convention of the American Academy of Religion, Chicago, November 2008
  3. Suzanne Toton, "Savings and Internal Lending Communities: Catholic Relief Services Building the Capacity for Peace in Rwanda," 55th Annual Convention, College Theology Society, May 28-31, 2009, University of Notre Dame
  4. Suzanne Toton, "SILC in Rwanda: Building the Capacity for Peace," Romero Solidarity Lecture Series, sponsored by the Center for Peace and Justice Education, April 15, 2009

Undergraduate Research 2008-09:

  1. Debra Arvanites' Management Essentials Service Learning Project: "Study, Evaluate, and Make Recommendations on CRS' Outreach to University Students: Villanova University as a Case Study," Spring 2009
  2. Linley Kirkwood, (Honors thesis), "The Iraqi Refugee Crisis," 2009

CRS/VU-Sponsored Faculty Study Tour

July 28- August 5, 2008: Rwanda

Participants: Debra Arvanites (VSB), Frances Keen (Nursing), LaRasz Moody (Law), Timothy Horner (A&S), Thomas Mogan (Student Life), Suzanne Toton (A&S), Maureen McCullough (CRS)


  • University Dining Services: Contract with Pura Vida Coffee (exclusively fair trade corporation) in support of university mission and partnership with CRS. Fair Trade coffee is available in all university dining facilities