University Lectures and Events

Faculty Development


Curriculum Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) Sessions

  • Fall 2016
    • Justice and Peacebuilding are at the heart of What CRS Does.
      • An overview of Catholic peacebuilding
      • The Church’s role in peace processes
      • Transitional justice and reconciliation
      • Interreligious peacebuilding
  • Spring 2017


CRS Ambassador Events and Internships

  • Danielle Radomile '16 (Geography and Environmental Studies), Ashley Seyfried '17 (Geography and Environmental Studies/Polotical Science) Worked remotely on 8 Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) projects for different regions in Africa for Stephen Hellen, Director of CRS' Global Knowledge and Information Management Department, CRS Northeast/Regional Office, Summer, 2016
  • Mary Alice Platt '17 (French and Francophone Studies, Marsha Richard '16 (French and Francophone Studies/Psychology) (Worked remotely with Valerie Stetson, CRS Deputy Regional Director for the Central Africa Regional Office, getting an incredible education in the business development and project design processes of international development. They translated from English into French international development proposal documents and review and approval procedures. They also translated project design training curricula for CRS’ Nigerian staff soon to be field-tested.  Marsha also workied with Mandi Ashford, a Learning Specialist and Instructional Designer for CRS’ Institute for Capacity Strengthening, using her French, Photoshop, and HTML skills to develop a summer learning series for face-to-face and on-line courses for CRS’ global staff., Summer, 2016
  • Eric Wagner, Briana Brown '16 (French and Francophone Studies/Geography and Environmental Studies), CRS Madagascar, Designed Geospatial Information System (GIS) training manuals and translated them into French for CRS' Malagasy (GIS) staff, Summer, 2016
  • Margaret Sanborn '18 (Economics, Honors), CRS Northeast/Regional Office, Writing a Reference Guide for easy access of material for the recent conference in Rome on Social Impact Investing., Summer 2016
  • Rita Marino '18 (English), CRS Northeast/Regional Office, Fall 2016

CRS Employment

  • Scott Hollingsworth '09 (Accounting/Theology and Religious Studies), CRS Director of Financial Planning and Analysis