Freshmen Escape

photo from freshman escape weekend

The opportunity for students to reflect on their Villanova experiences together on a weekend getaway led by upperclassmen. You will have the opportunity to meet new friends, discuss issues of college life, explore your faith, get away for a weekend, relax and hang out!

Freshman Escape for this weekend has been canceled due to the University closingt.  We are working to reschedule it for another weekend this semester.  More information will follow when it is available.

Schedule for 2013-2014
Weekend Retreats:

  • October 4-6
  • November 8-10
  • April 11-13

Day Retreats:

        November 23
        April 5

Hosted by the Campus Ministry Interns:

“Whenever you go out, walk together,  and when you reach your destination, stay together.”
-St. Augustine

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[610] 519–4080

Tolle Lege

John 11: 1-45

In the Spirit of St Augustine ask yourself the question: “What about the readings of Palm Sunday get me excited?” Jesus is riding into town on a donkey and people are throwing a party! They’re are laying down their cloaks and scampering to cover the road with palm branches to celebrate His arrival. Wait…does this sound familiar? David did the same thing with the Arc of the Covenant! He danced before the Arc as it was brought into the city and so too are the people celebrating at Jesus’ entrance, the entrance of the New and Everlasting Covenant. Whenever we gather together and celebrate the Eucharist we celebrate Christ’s arrival into the Holy City, the Church, and his arrival among us. We are the Holy City, the Church and we’re called to announce His presence and throw a party that invites everyone to the table. How are you extending that invitation?

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