Augustine Spirituality

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Who was St. Augustine? Why is he so important to Villanova University? How can an African bishop, who lived in the in the 4th century, be relevant to our lives today?

The resources assembled on this web site will give visitors brief answers to these questions and encourage deeper exploration of one of the most significant Christian thinkers in the Western world.

As you make your through these, we invite you to discover what the wisdom of St. Augustine and his followers may have to offer you as you make your own spiritual journey at Villanova. We hope that members of the campus community will find particular help in the resources provided at Augustine's values. For those with a particular interest in teaching and learning, we provide material on Augustine's perspective and pedagogy. And in "Resources for Restless Hearts" one will discover a variety of suggestions for developing and sustaining an Augustinian spirituality.

Augustine Day by Day
Augustine Day-by-Day November 26
Love Eternal Life
"Let us love eternal life. Let us learn how much we ought to strive for eternal life from the way in which those who love the present life labor so much to preserve it.

So much labor, so much striving, so much expense, so much importance, so much attention, and so much care are expended that someone may live a bit longer. What then ought to be done so that such a one may live forever!"
Sermon 127, 2
Prayer: Lord, I will not quit until you gather all the fragments of myself from my present scatteredness and deformity, and unite them and cement them for eternity into the peace of our dear homeland, my God, my Mercy.
Confessions 12, 16