Augustine Spirituality

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Who was St. Augustine? Why is he so important to Villanova University? How can an African bishop who lived in the in the 4th century be relevant to our lives today?

The resources assembled on this web site will give visitors brief answers to these questions and encourage deeper exploration of one of the most significant Christian thinkers in the Western world.

As you make your through the variety of paths this website offers, we invite you to discover what they may have to offer you as you make your own spiritual journey at Villanova. As an Augustinian university, we hope that members of the campus community will find particular help in the resources provided at Augustine's values. For those whose interests focus on teaching and learning, we provide material on Augustine's perspective and pedagogy. And in "Resources for Restless Hearts" one will discover a variety of suggestions for developing and sustaining an Augustinian spirituality.

We thank you for visiting this site and encourage you as you explore the variety of ways of celebrating and living Augustine's spirituality at Villanova University.

Augustine Day by Day
Augustine Day-by-Day July 24
The Needs of the Church over Contemplation
"If the Church should request your services, do not accede to this request out of a desire to get ahead, nor refuse it moved by pleasureful idleness. Obey God, rather, in simplicity of heart, submitting yourselves humbly to him who directs you.

Neither should you prefer your peaceful leisure to the needs of the Church. If there were no people to minister to her as she gave birth, not even you would have found a way to have been born."
Letter 48, 2
Prayer: Lord, those are your best servants who wish to shape their life on your answers rather than shape your answers on their wishes.
Confessions 10, 26