Small Group Faith Sharing Opportunities—Get REAL

Step Back...Slow Down!

Villanovans connecting with each other to find the meaning in the puzzles of college life.

Come meet with fellow students in a small group setting to talk about the everyday challenges of student life. Discover that we all share similar questions and concerns, and through discussions help each other to find solutions that will help you grow.

  • Meet with a small group of 6-8 students
  • Meet for one hour each week in groups that are led by students or alums
  • Form new friendships
  • Share on deeper levels
  • Find meaning and challenge each other
  • Meet diverse people who share similar values and interests
  • Share on topics that matter: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I live a meaningful life?

Types of Groups Available


different groups for new students as they experience the ups and downs of change in their first year of college. These are offered after the Connections and Freshman Escape retreats as well as by all of the Campus Ministry interns living in residence halls. Contact for a list of the groups that are available.

Discussions around the challenge of living the Christian life

groups that form from specific retreats that help the participants to develop a spiritual life, particularly Connections & Freshman Escape participants and Search Retreat participants.

University Mission Statement “Villanova seeks to reflect the spirit of St. Augustine by the cultivation of knowledge, by respect for individual differences, and by the adherence to the principle that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of University life.”

OASIS (outreach to LBGT) is a group of concerned students and friends who meet and discuss personal issues pertaining to sexual orientation.

OASIS participants share with one another stories of affirmation as well as alienation. Discussion and dialogue encourage participants to act responsibly in dealing with issues of exclusivity, aloneness and condemnation. Direct exchanges and honest conversations are critical in the opportunity for personal, moral and educational growth.

OASIS is open to all students who are willing to deal with such issues and are willing to accept those who are different from themselves.

Confidentiality is critical for those who are drawn to these discussions, and all self-disclosures are treated with utmost respect.

A particular aspect of OASIS is the opportunity for the development of true friendship. In the spirit of St. Augustine, Villanova University seeks to provide an atmosphere for wholesome relationships conducive to authentic community. Members of OASIS benefit from the promise of this Augustinian charism.

“Throughout his life Augustine formed communities dedicated to Christian friendship and the ongoing pursuit of truth. At Villanova, in the tradition of Augustine, our love of God, our respect and love for each other, give rise to our common sense of purpose, our unity. Through this human and personal dynamic, we encourage and empower one another in our search for and witness to the truth - veritas, unitas, caritas.”  Fr. Edmund Dobbin, O.S.A.

U.S. Bishop’s Statement “Every person has an inherent dignity because he or she was created in God’s image. A deep respect for the total person leads the church to hold and teach that sexuality is a gift of God. Being created a male or female person is an essential part of the divine plan, for it is their sexuality- a mysterious blend of spirit and body- that allows human beings to share in God’s own creative love and life. ‘Everyone should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity.’” Always Our Children” (NCCB)

“A Catholic university pursues its objectives through the formation of an authentic human community animated by the Spirit of Christ. The source of its unity springs from a common dedication to the truth, a common vision of dignity of the human person, and ultimately the person and message of Jesus Christ, which gives the institution its distinctive character.”  Ex Corde Ecclesiae, John Paul II


Parish Liturgy

Sunday Mass

         7:30 and 10:30AM
         St. Thomas of Villanova Church

University Liturgy

Sunday Evening Liturgy

        7:00 PM
        St. Thomas of Villanova Church

Daily Mass Schedule

        Monday—Friday 12:05PM
        Corr Chapel

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