Social Justice Education

In a commitment to social justice, COV hosts Social Justice Forums and advocacy opportunities for COV participants to gather as a group and learn about the justice issues and systemic factors which condition the need for service in the first place.

The goal of these activities is to create a justice-based framework through which students can process their service experience in an effort to bridge the gap between charity and solidarity. The forums are designed to raise awareness about issues which are directly tied to the work of our different community partners, and to examine the larger impact these issues have on the experience and social outcomes of the community members who face them.

The COV participants have the opportunity to build close relationships with the people they meet through service over the course of the semester, and the thrust of this social justice education is to emphasize that these personal relationships also demand of the participants larger justice commitments. In this, the hope is to redefine understandings of neighbor, collapse the globe, and shape future activists.

COV Fall 2014 Semester Dates

Wednesday, Aug 27th
    Fellows Applications released
Sunday, Sept 7th
    Fellows Applications due
Wednesday, Sept 10th
    Mandatory Leader Orientation, 7:30pm
Friday, Sept 12th
    Fellows notified
Thursday, Sept 18th
    Mandatory Fellows Orientation, 8:30 pm
Monday, Sept 22nd
    Service Begins
Friday, Oct 10th
    Fall Break begins, no service
Monday, Oct 20th:
    Service Resumes    
Tuesday, Nov 25th
    Thanksgiving break begins, no service
Monday, Dec 1st
    Service Resumes
Tuesday, Dec 2nd
   Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm
Thursday, Dec 11th 
    Service ends
To be planned: 4 reflections led by CMI’s (CST, community, simplicity, spirituality)


Please download the following resources:

* COV Fellows application Fall 14.docx
COV Fellows Application
* ReflectionJournal.doc
Reflection Journal
* HolyFamily_Orientation.doc
Holy Family Orientation
* NorthLight_OrientationSheet.doc
North Light Orientation
* St.Agathas_OrientationSheet.doc
St. Agatha's Orientation
* St.Barnabas_OrientationSheet.doc
St. Barnabas Orientation
* St.Francis_OrientationSheet.doc
St. Francis Orientation
* COVnews_Jan2012.pdf
COV Newsletter - January 2012