Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in COV. There are many different ways to be involved with COV, and so it is designed to meet the varying needs and commitment levels of those interested in participating. On the most general level, people are invited to volunteer with one of COV’s partners at any point. There is no commitment requirement, and no application to become involved. Simply visit the Campus Ministry COV Sign Up Board on the first floor lobby of Campus Ministry and add your name to the sign-up sheet for the experience you’d like to attend. This option provides flexibility in timing and type of service work, so that volunteers can find what’s most meaningful for them at the time.


COV Fellows commit to serving with the same partner organization for an entire semester, thereby making a deeper commitment to those they are serving. The Fellowship allows volunteers to build relationships over time, learning more about the individuals, experiences, and social forces that shape the communities in which they serve. It also enables Fellows to take more of a mentorship role in relation to the other COV volunteers who may be newer to the experience. In addition to weekly service, Fellows also commit to attending one Social Justice Forum per semester and a monthly community reflection on a different component of service in order to better process their experience and to learn more about the social, economic, and political factors which create a need for service in the first place.


COV Leaders are volunteers who have worked with a particular community partner for a long time, and want to guide other volunteers in becoming a part of that community as well. Leader responsibilities include both logistical and formational aspects. Leaders maintain close relationships with the community partners throughout the year, and are the primary contact with the organization on service days. In addition to heading the groups, leaders are also responsible for providing transportation to and from the service experience. However, leaders also take a more formational role as well. Leaders are responsible for providing a brief orientation to the community partner’s history and mission before every service experience, for leading volunteers through the service experience, and for facilitating reflection and helping groups process the experience on the way home from service in the van. Additionally, leaders serve as mentors and resources for their groups during the Social Justice Forum and monthly COV Community Reflections.

COV Core

The Core is comprised of a small group of dedicated participants, fellows, and leaders who work to strategically develop the future direction of the programs and partnerships of COV. The Core seeks to intentionally develop COV in light of its cornerstones of Simple Hospitality, Relational Service, Friendship & Community, and Personal Growth. To this end, the Core consists of three roles that work interdependently: Logistics, Formation, and Advocacy & Education.

COV Fall 2014 Semester Dates

Wednesday, Aug 27th
    Fellows Applications released
Sunday, Sept 7th
    Fellows Applications due
Wednesday, Sept 10th
    Mandatory Leader Orientation, 7:30pm
Friday, Sept 12th
    Fellows notified
Thursday, Sept 18th
    Mandatory Fellows Orientation, 8:30 pm
Monday, Sept 22nd
    Service Begins
Friday, Oct 10th
    Fall Break begins, no service
Monday, Oct 20th:
    Service Resumes    
Tuesday, Nov 25th
    Thanksgiving break begins, no service
Monday, Dec 1st
    Service Resumes
Tuesday, Dec 2nd
   Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm
Thursday, Dec 11th 
    Service ends
To be planned: 4 reflections led by CMI’s (CST, community, simplicity, spirituality)


Please download the following resources:

* COV Fellows application Spring 14.docx
COV Fellows Application, Spring 2014
* ReflectionJournal.doc
Reflection Journal
* HolyFamily_Orientation.doc
Holy Family Orientation
* NorthLight_OrientationSheet.doc
North Light Orientation
* St.Agathas_OrientationSheet.doc
St. Agatha's Orientation
* St.Barnabas_OrientationSheet.doc
St. Barnabas Orientation
* St.Francis_OrientationSheet.doc
St. Francis Orientation
* COVnews_Jan2012.pdf
COV Newsletter - January 2012