RUIBAL Application

RUIBAL Challenge

Apply to RUIBAL Challenge

Monday, Aug 25th
    Freshman registration opens at 9am
Tuesday, Aug 26th
    Info session on South Campus
Wednesday, Sept 3rd
    Info session in South West Corner
Sunday, Sept 7th
    Registration closes at 5pm
Friday, Sept 12th
    Freshmen notified of placements
Tuesday, Sept 16th
    Mandatory Freshmen Orientation, 8:00 pm
Monday, Sept 22nd
    Service Begins
Friday, Oct 10th
Fall Break begins, no service
Monday, Oct 20th
    Service Resumes
Monday, Oct 20th
    Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm
Tuesday, Nov 25th
    Thanksgiving break begins, no service
Monday, Dec 1st
    Service Resumes
Tuesday, Dec 2nd
     Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm       
Thursday, Dec 11th
    Service ends

“This experience has changed my life and now I know that I want to work with kids forever.”

 “RUIBAL let me make friends with people I probably never would have met. RUIBAL means a lot for both the schools and for me.”

 “I have grown as a person from being involved in this program, and hope I have helped the kids in return.”

 “This program that Campus Ministry offered was the best experience I have had at Villanova!”

 “RUIBAL pretty much opened doors for me at Villanova.”

 “Being able to watch the students learn and grow was really meaningful. I love the look on a student’s face when they were able to have a breakthrough on a tough homework problem.”

 “The best part of when the Villanova students come is that it is fun and exciting.”