RUIBAL Application

Dates for the Semester

Monday, Nov 25th: Freshman registration opens

Tuesday, Nov 26th: Thanksgiving break begins, no service

Monday, Dec 2nd: Service Resumes

Tuesday, Dec 3rd: Info Session in Donahue Court, South Campus, 8:15pm

Thursday, Dec 5th: Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm 

Thursday, Dec 12th: Service ends

Friday, Dec 13th: Registration closes at 11:59pm

Friday, Dec 20th: Freshmen notified of placements

Wednesday, Jan 15th: Mandatory Freshmen Orientation, 8:00 pm

Tuesday, Jan 21st: Service Begins

Monday, Feb 17th: Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm

Friday, Feb 28th: Spring break begins, no service

Monday, March 10th: Service resumes 

Week of April 7th: Mandatory Social Justice Forum, 6:30pm

Wednesday, April 16th: Easter break begins, no service

Tuesday, April 22nd: Service Resumes

Thursday, May 1st: Service ends

Comments from Past Participants

“This experience has changed my life and now I know that I want to work with kids forever.”

 “RUIBAL let me make friends with people I probably never would have met. RUIBAL means a lot for both the schools and for me.”

 “I have grown as a person from being involved in this program, and hope I have helped the kids in return.”

 “This program that Campus Ministry offered was the best experience I have had at Villanova!”

 “RUIBAL pretty much opened doors for me at Villanova.”

 “Being able to watch the students learn and grow was really meaningful. I love the look on a student’s face when they were able to have a breakthrough on a tough homework problem.”

 “The best part of when the Villanova students come is that it is fun and exciting.”

Ruibal Challenge