Service Council Meetings

Service Council Meeting Structure

Prophetic Call and Conflicts:
Archbishop Oscar Romero and the Conflict in El Salvador

* OpeningPrayer2.10.doc
Opening Prayer
* podintros2.10.pdf
What Calls You to be Prophetic?
* Leadershipactivityandskillset2.10.pdf
How is a Prophet's Message Heard?
* SpiritualityReflection2.10.pdf
The Violence of Love
* IssueoftheFortNight2.10.pdf
The Dark Side of Chocolate

Inversion: Race, Power and Privilege

* leadership1.27.doc
Leadership Activity and Skill Set
* spiritualityreflection1.27.doc
Spirituality Reflection
* SocialJusticeHeroes1.27.doc
Social Justice Hero
* issueofthefortnight1.27.pdf
Issue of the Fortnight

Important Dates

March 19-23 - Advocacy Week

March 30 – Concrete Impact for Social Change

April 13 – Interior Life

April 27 – Closing Liturgy