Service Council

The Service Council is an leadership formation program that seeks to integrate the dynamics of three pillars:  Faith, Service, and Justice.

Mission Statement

“Seeking to discover what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God, we as a Service Council are a community committed to searching for and living out the truth through empowering one another to reach our fullest potential by growing together in faith, educating for and working towards social justice, and learning to live and serve in solidarity with our local and global neighbors.”

What are the goals of the Service Council?

  • Educate and advocate for justice. *(Each semester members of the Service Council have the option of receiving one academic credit from the Center for Peace & Justice Education.)
  • Improve leadership skills, with special emphasis on Servant Leadership.
  • Reflect on ones faith and spirituality in light of service and social justice
  • Collaborate with and assist other Villanova service programs and organizations
  • Better meet the needs of our community partners Build a strong and committed community

 Who can join?

  • Any student can to apply to become a member of the Service Council. 
  • Members and/or leaders of various campus organizations are especially encouraged to apply in order to help Service Council better act as a consistent platform for these organizations to stay informed and collaborate. 
  • Members and leaders from service and social justice organizations are especially encouraged to apply, since the integrated leadership formation in Service Council is intended to empower students to bring great knowledge, skills and vision to their other service and/or leadership roles. 
  • Participation in Villanova service activities is not required, but in the spirit of our mission, we encourage everyone to serve when they are able. 

For more information please contact one of the Advisors or Chairs; or email us at “”

 How does the Service Council work?

  • The Service Council is led by a group of student “Chairs” who organize Advocacy, Leadership, Outreach, and Spirituality programming.
  • All Council meetings have a predetermined theme, and based on individual interests, each Council Member signs up for a “Pod” that works with the Chairs to plan and facilitate one meeting during the semester. 
  • A Pod also cooks a simple vegetarian meal for one of the other Service Council meetings during a semester in order to further foster as sense of community. 
  • Finally, all Council members help organize at least one activity or event during a semester; for example, a donation drive, an outreach event to benefit Villanova’s community partners, the mid-year retreat day, or Advocacy Week – Service Council’s largest campus-wide collaborative event.

 When does the Service Council meet?

  • The Service Council meets six to seven times a semester on Fridays from 3:30-6:00pm. 
  • The smaller Pod meetings with Chairs to help plan meetings, community builders, and outreach and advocacy events will be held as needed (typically once per event).

Important Dates

March 19-23 - Advocacy Week

March 30 – Concrete Impact for Social Change

April 13 – Interior Life

April 27 – Closing Liturgy