Social Justice Education

Get involved in action that seeks to bring about peace and justice in the world, learn about Catholic Social Teaching, and social justice advocacy. Campus Ministry sponsors Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and CRS Ambassadors Program Program as a means to educate the Villanova community on current local and global issues.

In addition, Campus Ministry works in collaboration with Villanova’s Center for Peace & Justice Education, which offers an academic interdisciplinary program on topics of world peace and social justice as well as sponsors student groups affiliated with specific issues of justice.

For more information contact William Stehl (610-519-5179).

Complete List of Community Partners

Local, national and international agencies, organizations, parishes and schools that collaborate with Campus Ministry Service and Justice Programs are considered our community partners. They provide valuable education and service opportunities for our students. In turn, our students provide needed skills, creativity, energy and support to address the work and needs of the community partner.