Fr. Ray Jackson Memorial Fund

photo of Fr. Ray Jackson

Fr. Ray Jackson was an Augustinian priest and campus minister who co-founded and served in Villanova's Center for Peace and Justice Education. Fr. Ray held these positions until his death in June of 1997. He was renowned for his desire and personal commitment to justice, peace and service to the poor. Not only was he  tirelessly involved in service himself, he also possessed a vision that helped Villanova students use their education and resources on behalf of the poor, both locally and internationally. Our thanks to the generous donations of Fr. Ray's friends and Villanova Alumni who financially support the memorial fund.

The Fund

A fund has been established by many of Fr. Ray's supporters that offers financial grants to students to help them continue in peace and justice education and direct service during their time at Villanova.  The grants are awarded to Villanova students engaged in providing direct service to the poor, either in the United States or overseas.  Amounts are determined by need, the number of students who apply, the overall cost of the service experience, and the remaining monies in the fund. Grants will not exceed $500 for those demonstrating the greatest need and many are far more modest.  Grants are awarded only once to an individual student during his or her time at Villanova. The grants are awarded to an individual not a group.


  1. A student must truly have a need for financial assistance in order to apply. This is the HONOR SYSTEM. The Grants are not to be considered an "easy way" to raise money for a Service Break Experience. Let your conscience be your guide in knowing that someone who may truly need financial help will be deprived of it if the monies are dispersed to those who do not have a serious need for support.
  2. Students may not apply for this grant if they have received funds from another grant source.
  3. The grant must enable an individual Villanova student to offer direct service to the poor.
  4. Students may only receive this award once in their time at Villanova.
  5. Grants may only be used to assist with the cost of Campus Ministry sponsored Service Break Experiences. 
  6. Applications are to be filled out and submitted online.
  7. A 1,500 word reflection paper about your experience will be due within 2 weeks of your return to the University. The paper is in the spirit of St. Augustine asking you to write on how the trip affected your mind and your heart.
Apply Now Button for the Fr. Ray Jackson Memorial Fund Application

Application Deadlines

For Villanova, Campus Ministry sponsored Service Break Experiences

Fall and Winter: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spring: Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Fund Committee

The Memorial Fund supports the work of the offices of Campus Ministry, the Center for Peace and Justice Education, and Rays of Sunshine Office.

Tim O'Connell is the current coordinator of the Memorial Fund. He can be reached at 610.519.4084 or by email: