Service Break Experiences (SBE)

Service Break Experience Program

“…The most important part of this experience was not the tangible work we put in, but rather our immersion into the community, our attempt at solidarity with the individuals that we encountered, and the mutual acceptance and welcome that was promoted.“

—Denis Whelan '14 on Oasis Catόlico in Athens, GA

Service Break Experiences provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni to serve locally, around the United States, and abroad during university breaks.  Participants in the program:

  • Serve with people and partner organizations who work every day to improve the lives of impoverished and marginalized people in their own communities.
  • Build community within their groups and begin to develop relationships with the people with whom Villanova partners.

  • Complement class work with first hand experiences of life at the margins of society and exposure to the knowledge and insights of people they encounter.

  • Explore their spirituality and develop a deeper relationship with God while living out the Gospel values.

  • Examine issues of injustice and develop a life-long commitment to working for the Common Good.

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In the spirit of St. Augustine, who urged his followers to search for God together, consider this reflection on Sunday’s Gospel. When the risen Jesus appears to the disciples in Jerusalem on Sunday evening, they move quickly through a range of emotions: fear, joy, disbelief, and finally—wonder. It is this last response that opens them to being taught by Jesus—and ultimately to being invited into the ministry of sharing God’s life-giving power. Perhaps wonder is always the starting point for a deepening of our spiritual journey—for it encompasses a rich mixture of our very human capacity for curiosity, admiration, doubt and amazement. In this season, may we seek to cultivate a spirit of wonder—noticing the moments when we are broken open in awe at the gifts of new life, and finding ways to share that newness with others.Alleluia! Alleluia! In the spirit of St. Augustine who urged his followers to search for God together, consider next Sunday’s gospel in which the crucified and risen Christ appears to the disciples behind locked doors and shows them his wounds.  His gesture suggests that Jesus well understood the disciples’ feelings of fear, shame, grief, and doubt.  He understood that in the midst of these feelings, it would be extremely difficult for the disciples to recognize him and receive faith.  Jesus lovingly anticipates their doubts and invites them to receive his peace without being bound by shame. Upon greeting Thomas, Jesus gives no sign of impatience or offense, but instead immediately complies with Thomas’ request to touch his wounds.  Jesus meets Thomas’ doubts with tremendous compassion and withholds nothing from him.  The risen Christ has no less compassion for those of us who struggle with faith.

For more information about the Service Break Experience Program visit us in St. Rita Hall or contact:

Kate Giancatarino 
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Tim O'Connell 
[610] 519–4084