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Campus Ministry offers a variety of events throughout the academic year that build community, foster spiritual growth, and promote awareness.

Mindful Mondays &
Centering Prayer

Are you stressed out and feel like you are going through the motions without any purpose? Are you feeling distracted and un-able to focus when trying to complete tasks? Are you interested in “unplugging” once in a while? If yes, maybe the practice of mindfulness could help! A recent Time Magazine cover story stated: “If distraction is the pre-eminent condition of our age, then mindfulness, in the eyes of its enthusiasts, is the most logical response.” Try it out right here on campus today!

Mindful Mondays
Health Service Building Room 200
Centering Prayer
Tuesdays 8:15am-8:45am & Thursdays 5pm-5:25pm
St. Rita of Cascia Community Room


Did you ever consider doing a year of service after graduation?

Villanova has one of the highest numbers of seniors who go on to do a year of service in the nation!

Most programs give you valuable job experience, room, board, health insurance and a modest stipend---and an experience that will transform you for life!

For more information, contact Brian McCabe, Campus Minster for Outreach and Student Formation,

Freshman Escape

Due to ice storm and power outages on campus, we have rescheduled the February Escape. 

This Escape weekend will now be held April 11-13.  If you were scheduled to attend the February weekend or if you were waitlisted for it, you can contact Amanda Nwosu (, to request your space on the April weekend

If you cannot attend the April 11-13 retreat, we encourage you to consider the April 5th 'Day of Escape', a one day experience run by Campus Ministry Interns designed to give students the Escape experience over a single day rather than a weekend. The cost of that retreat is $10.  If you have already paid for a full weekend, we will refund you the other $40.

We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding Escape. We hope to see you all in April!  If you are not able to attend the weekend of April 11-13 or the Day of Escape on April 5th, please let us know and we will refund your payment.

Contact one of your CMI's or John Edwards ( if you have any questions.

* Escape Registration Form
Freshman Escape Print Application

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Tolle Lege

John 11: 1-45

In the Spirit of St Augustine ask yourself the question: “What about the readings of Palm Sunday get me excited?” Jesus is riding into town on a donkey and people are throwing a party! They’re are laying down their cloaks and scampering to cover the road with palm branches to celebrate His arrival. Wait…does this sound familiar? David did the same thing with the Arc of the Covenant! He danced before the Arc as it was brought into the city and so too are the people celebrating at Jesus’ entrance, the entrance of the New and Everlasting Covenant. Whenever we gather together and celebrate the Eucharist we celebrate Christ’s arrival into the Holy City, the Church, and his arrival among us. We are the Holy City, the Church and we’re called to announce His presence and throw a party that invites everyone to the table. How are you extending that invitation?

Getting Involved Service Break wall raising

Interested in Getting Involved with Campus Ministry? We offer over 50 programs that are sure to fit every personality and lifestyle!

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