Liturgical Council


Villanova liturgical life has a unique group of student leaders who play an integral part in every liturgy the community celebrates. These students are the Liturgical Council.

First and foremost, all members of the Liturgical Council are Mass Coordinators. As a Mass Coordinator, student leaders make sure all aspects of the liturgy run smoothly. This involves checking ministers in before Mass, making sure everyone knows his or her role in the ministry of the liturgy, and preparing the sacred spaces and objects for the liturgy. Mass Coordinators are usually the first ones to arrive at a Mass and the last ones to leave.

Another major aspect, and significant time commitment, of Liturgical Council is preparing large, university wide liturgies. Members of the Liturgical Council help create the unique atmosphere that is a Villanova Mass. These Masses included: Orientation Mass, Welcome Back Mass, St. Thomas of Villanova Mass, Church without Walls, and the Baccalaureate Mass, among others. Hours of hard work and preparation culminate in a beautiful experience of prayer and community.

The Liturgical Council also recruits and trains new liturgical ministers. They plan and prepare prayer experiences, community building events, and procedure training sessions for all Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Ministers of Hospitality.

The Council meets on a regular basis to review past liturgies, prepare future celebrations, and plan events for the liturgical ministry community. At these meetings, the Council members pray together and read the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday, so as to live out the message and meaning of the liturgy in their everyday lives.

Liturgical Ministers may apply to serve on the Liturgical Council after completing liturgical ministry training and one full semester of service as a minister. New members are welcomed in the spring semester of each academic year.

Liturgical Council Application