Forms and Applications

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General Campus Ministry Forms

* Facilities_Usage_Form.doc
Facilities Usage Form
* Instructrions_for_Facilities_Usage_Form.doc
Instructions for Facilities Usage Form
* Off_Campus_Activity_Roster.doc
Off-Campus Activity Roster
* Request_for_Sunday_Mass_Collections.doc
Request for Sunday Mass Collections
* COV Fellows application spring 13.docx
COV Fellows application due December 14
* USLA Mentoring Application 2012-13.docx
USLA application due December 14
* SERVICE COUNCIL application spring 13.docx
Service Council Application-Spring 2013 (Due January 20, 2013) Apply Now!
* Winter2012.pdf
Winter 2011-12 Donation Letter

Spiritual Growth and Outreach Forms

General Retreat Application and Forms

Liturgical Life Forms

Liturgical Council Application
* HHAW2011CommitteeMemberApplication.doc
Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week Committee Application