Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Conference (PMR)

scriptural imagination

October 16-18, 2015

The Scriptural Imagination


Lewis Ayres
Durham University
Author of Nicaea and Its Legacy and Augustine and the Trinity


Vittorio Montemaggi
University of Notre Dame
Co-Editor of Dante’s Commedia: Theology as Poetry

Villanova University has enjoyed a national reputation through its Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Conference (PMR) for over thirty years. Finding its natural niche and center in philosophy and theology, but extending from there to embrace a wide variety of disciplines in the field, the PMR has established a tradition of scholarship and collegiality complementary to, rather than in competition with, the larger conferences such as Kalamazoo, the Oxford Patristics Conference, or the Medieval Academy.

The conference has met a need in the academic community for working space. According to founding director Thomas Losoncy, the conference was always intended to be a place where scholars come to roll up their sleeves, to work through new ideas, to experiment and push the envelope in their various fields. The PMR’s legacy is archived in a long-running series of published proceedings, from the early 1970s through the 1990s, testimony to its consistent success. read more....

2014 PMR Conference

Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (PMR) at Villanova University invites you to participate in its 40th International PMR Conference on October 16-18, 2015

The PMR committee this year makes a special invitation to scholars from all disciplines in these fields to address our plenary theme:

The Scriptural Imagination