Faculty Experts - Seri Park, Ph.D.

Seri Park, Ph.D.

Seri Park, Ph.D.
Clare Booth Luce Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Villanova University College of Engineering

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Traffic operation and control
  • Traffic sensor and detector technology
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Design
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling


Everyday decisions of whether to walk, drive, use public transportation, or take a different route are influenced by the transportation environment around us. Dr. Seri Park looks for ways to improve how we move about, especially on roadways. She studies traffic signal systems and freeway congestion.  Dr. Park is a recognized expert on the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that promote congestion mitigation and increase mobility and safety.


  • Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
  • M.S., Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
  • B.S., Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea   

Selected Publications

  • Liang, J., L. McCarthy, S. Park, and J. McFadden, “Risk-Based Method for Development and Management of a Traffic Sign Inventory for Local Agencies,” Journal of Public Works Management & Policy, 18.1(2013): 78-91.
  • Zirkel, B., S. Park, J. McFadden, L. McCarthy, and M. Angelastro, “An Operational Analysis of Modern Roundabouts in the United States,” IMSA Journal, ISSN 1064-2560(2012): 37-47.
  • Oh, C. and S. Park. “Investigating the Effects of Daily Travel Time Patterns on Short-term Prediction.” Journal of Civil Engineering Korean Society of Civil Engineers, 15.7(2011): 1263-1272.
  • Park, S., and S. G. Ritchie. “Innovative Single Loop Speed Estimation Model with Advanced Loop Data.” Institution of Engineering and Technology Intelligent Transport System, 4.4 (2010): 232-243.
  • Park, S., and S. G. Ritchie. “Automated Real-Time Vehicle Classifier Development Based on Vehicle Signature,” International Journal of Granular Computing, Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems1.2 (2009): 164.

Selected Professional Experience

  • Traffic Engineer, Myers McCarthy Consulting Engineers, LLC
  • Project Manager and Design Engineer, Tetra Tech
  • Lecturer, University of California, Irvine
  • Assistant Project Scientist, University of California, Irvine
  • Lecturer, University of Southern California

Selected Research

  • McCarthy, L., S. Park, and D. Mensching, “A Proposed Technology evaluation Program for Warm Mix Asphalt,” National Cooperative Highway Research Program Research Results Digest 374, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies (2012).
  • Ritchie, S.G., S. T. Jeng, Y. A. Tok, and S. Park, “Corridor Deployment and Investigation of Anonymous Vehicle Tracking for Real-Time Traffic Performance Measurement.” PATH Final Report TO 5304, UCB-ITS-PRR-2008-23 (2008).
  • Ritchie, S.G., S. Park, C. Oh, S. T. Jeng, Y. A. Tok, and C. Sun, “Anonymous Vehicle Tracking for Real-Time Freeway and Arterial Street Performance Measurements (PeMS).” PATH Final Report TO 4159, UCB-ITS-PRR-2005-9 (2005).

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