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Villanova’s more than 500 world-class faculty members are distinguished scholars and active members in their respective fields. They engage in cutting-edge research projects, make important breakthroughs in their various disciplines, write books, win industry awards, secure grants, and advise outside organizations. The knowledge and experience faculty members gain, along with the achievements they make outside the classroom, elevates their expertise and the overall quality of education that Villanova students receive.

Recently Published Books and Articles by VLS faculty members

  • Steven Chanenson, J.D., associate dean for Faculty Research, professor of Law, co-authored the article, “Reform in Motion: The Promise and Perils of Incorporating Risk Assessments and Cost-Benefit Analysis into Pennsylvania Sentencing,” which was featured on Crim Prof Blog on January 1, 2013.
  • T. Keith Fogg, J.D., professor of Law, wrote an article, “An Access to Justice Milestone,” which was published in the winter 2013 issue of ABA Section of Taxation News Quarterly.
  • Patrick Brennan, J.D., professor of Law, John F. Scarpa Chair in Catholic Legal Studies, authored the book, The Vocation of the Child in 2008, which was reviewed in the Journal for the Study of Marriage and Spirituality in February 2013.
  • Michelle Dempsey’s, J.D., professor of Law, article, “On Finnis’ Way In,” was published in Villanova Law Review in February 2013.
  • Abraham Gafni’s, J.D., professor of Law, article "Selecting Non-Neutral Arbitrators in a Multiparty Dispute," appeared in the Legal Intelligencer on February 19, 2013.
  • Lynne Maxwell’s, J.D., assistant director of Reader Services, coordinator of the Legal Research Program, legal research instructor, review of “User Studies for Digital Library Development," edited by Milena Dobreva, Andy O'Dwyer, and Pierluigi Feliciati, was published in the March 2013 issue of College & Research Libraries Journal.
  • Lewis Becker, J.D., professor of Law Emeritus, co-authored a chapter, "Child Custody and Ethics," in Custody Law and Practice in Pennsylvania, which was published in March 2013.
  • David Caoudill’s, J.D., professor of Law, article, “Science, technology, and Catholic Identity in the Education of Professionals,” co-authored with Fr. Keith Warner, was published in Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice, vol. 16(2), March 2013.
  • Mitch Nathanson’s, J.D., professor of Legal Writing, book review “Conspiracy of Silence: Sportswriters and the Long Campaign to Desegregate Baseball,” was published in the March 2013 edition of The International Journal of the History of Sport.
  • Howard Lurie, J.D., professor of Law, wrote an op-ed essay, “Drone memo ignores the law,” which was published by The Philadelphia Inquirer on March 1, 2013.
  • Michelle Dempsey, J.D., professor of Law, wrote an op-ed, “Rape, Political Transparency and the Rule of Law,” which was published by the Jurist on March 14, 2013.
  • Beth Lyon, J.D., professor of Law, director, Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic, co-director, Community Interpreter Internship Program, wrote an essay, “International human rights norms on migrants,” which was published in The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration (Immanuel Ness, ed.) (2013).
  • Michael Risch, J.D., associate professor of Law, wrote an op-ed, “Don’t Blame the Trolls for the Patent Problem,” which was published on on March 15, 2013. The essay was also featured on the front page of LinkedIn.
  • Richard Harvey, J.D., Distinguished Professor of Practice, wrote an article, “Schedule UTP – Why so Few Disclosures?,”  which was published in Tax Notes on April 1, 2013. The article was also featured on TaxProf Blog.
  • Abraham Gafni, J.D. professor of Law, wrote an article “Considering the Mediation Privilege in Awarding Legal Fees," which  appeared in the Legal Intelligencer on April 16, 2013.
  • Michelle Dempsey, J.D.,professor of Law, published her review of Michael Zimmerman's book, The Immorality of Punishment, in the international, peer reviewed journal, Law & Philosophy in May 2013.
  • Michael Moreland, J.D., vice dean, Professor of Law, wrote an article, “Preemption as Inverse Negligence Per Se,” which was published in 88 Notre Dame Law Review 1249 in 2013.
  • Mitch Nathanson’s, J.D., professor of Legal Writing, book review , “Double No-Hit: Johnny Vander Meer’s Historic Night under the Lights,” was published in The Historian, Volume 75.
  • Andrew Brandt, J.D., director of the Moorad Center for Sports Law, had his article, “Boxed In, Squeezed Out,” published in the May 27, 2013 print edition of Sports Illustrated.

Board Appointments 

Beth Lyon, J.D., professor of Law, Director, Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic, Co-Director, Community Interpreter Internship Program, was appointed Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Civil & Equal Rights Committee.


  • David Caudill, J.D., professor of Law, was named Chair-Elect of the Evidence Section of the AALS in January 2013.
  • Michael Moreland, J.D., vice dean, professor of Law, received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to launch “The Libertas Project” at Villanova School of Law on legal aspects of religious and economic freedom in January 2013.
  • Louis Sirico, J.D., professor of Law, Director, Legal Writing Program, was appointed Chair of the Nominations Committee of the AALS Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research.
  • Steven Chanenson, J.D., associate dean for Faculty Research, Professor of Law, was unanimously elected the Chair of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing in March 2013.
  • Penelope Pether, J.D., professor of Law was appointed the inaugural Visiting Professorial Fellow of Law for the Legal Intersections Research Center at University of Wollongong in March 2013.
  • Diane Edelman, J.D. director of International Programs, professor of Legal Writing, was recognized at the 2013 Mission Awards at University of St. Thomas School of Law on April 15, 2013 for her role in caring for an injured Rome program student during the summer of 2012.
  • Mitch Nathanson, J.D., professor of Legal Writing, won the 2013 McFarland-SABR Award, which honors the best articles on baseball history or biography of the year for his article,  “Who Exempted Baseball, Anyway?: The Curious Development of the Antitrust Exemption that Never Was,” which was published in the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law

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