Learning Strategies

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Recordings of online workshops can be found here, under Online Resources.

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Good study skills are essential in order to succeed in the college environment. The smart student needs to be flexible as he encounters new academic challenges. Workshops on a variety of study skills topics, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions are available to all Villanova students through the LSS Office.

Time Management

In order to be successful in college, students need to figure out how to use their time effectively. This is not an easy task for students who are used to following a structured routine; the trick is to monitor your time and set up a balanced schedule that works for you. If you are struggling, try using some of the time management tools on the website and sign up for our time management workshop.


There is no single correct method for note-taking, but there are ways to tell if your note-taking system is working for you. Take our note-taking quiz to determine your skill level, and then check out some of the different note-taking systems available to help you improve your abilities.

Test Prep

No matter what you are studying at Villanova, there is a good chance that you devote many hours to preparing for exams. The key to test preparation that produces successful results is locating and using strategies that work for you. If you are looking to boost your test grades, check out some of our resources and start thinking about how to revamp your study routine.


For many disciplines, tests are the primary form of assessment. Ideally, tests would reflect a student’s knowledge and understanding of the material, but the truth is that many students struggle with test-taking and test anxiety. Take the test-taking inventory and test anxiety diagnostic to get a sense of how you approach tests.


Whether you are trying to tackle St. Augustine's Confessions or a chapter in your chemistry textbook, reading can be a challenge. Developing flexible reading skills can help you become a better, more efficient reader. LSS offers workshops on reading fluency and comprehension.


Sometimes the single greatest obstacle to getting your work done is focus, or lack thereof. Take a look at our resources to help figure out which elements of your life are hindering your ability to concentrate.