College Planning

College is going to be more demanding academically.  You will need to work harder, be better organized, and actively problem solve.  You may have been living in a fairly structured environment in high school when your time was planned from 7 am until at least 3, with additional planning and/or support from parents in the evening. At college you may have a class at 9 for an hour, another at 11, and another at 3. If you have poor time management skills, the extra free time during the day can present problems.  Some key differences are listed below.


High School


Class Time

6 hours per day, 180 days

15 hours per week, 28 weeks

Study Time

1 to 2 hours per day?

Rule of thumb: 2 hours of study for 1 hour of class = 3 to 4 hours?


Weekly; at end of chapter; frequent quizzes

2 to 4 tests per semester


Passing grades guarantee you a seat!

Satisfactory academic standing is often “C” or above.


Take attendance, may check your notebooks, lecture with blackboard notes, impart knowledge and facts

Attendance is rarely taken, lectures may include handouts, computer slides, and stress reasoning abilities


School time is highly structured, limits are set by parents, teachers, and other adults

Freedom of choice! Should I go to class? Class schedules will be erratic.

Academic Accommodations

Waivers are often available

College policies on waivers are often inflexible




Keys to Success!

Communicate with Professors.  Asking for help and meeting with the professor during office hours will go a long way. 
Do this early and often. 

Deadlines are important!  You need to keep an organizer to stay on top of things.

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