Students With Documented Disabilities

Learning Support Services (LSS), in conjunction with faculty, provides reasonable accommodations for students with learning disabilities and other neurologically based disorders, and those disabled by chronic illnesses.  Villanova University welcomes students with disabilities and provides reasonable academic accommodations to those who self-identify in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Academic accommodations are available to students who meet established documentation guidelinesPolicies and Procedures have been established to encourage self-advocacy, and to provide students with disabilities the same opportunities available to all students at Villanova. 

In addition to the services listed in Academic Support, students submitting documentation may also be eligible for some additional peer tutoring support, access to assistive technology, and exam proctoring.  In order to obtain accommodations, students must register with LSS by submitting current documentation. To ensure confidentiality, students must complete a Request for Accommodation Form each semester at Villanova in order to receive accommodations during that semester. Nothing can be shared with your professors without your permission.

Check the list of FAQ’s, and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Students with Asperger's Syndrome may want to check out this resource for some tips on preparing for college:

Students with physical disabilities with questions or concerns about access and support services should contact Steve McWilliams, Office of Disability Services, 610-519-4095 or at

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