Final Checklist

Time Management: Obtain a daily/weekly planner. This can be electronic (Google calendar, for example) or paper, but you want to use one planner consistently. You will need this to keep track of your classes, long-term assignments, and your activities.

Technology: Get comfortable with your computer. Consider looking at software that might help you with your work load.

    Some possibilities:

  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking – This software allows you to dictate instead of typing on a keyboard. It does take several hours to train the software to recognize your voice. Check out Dragon Naturally Speaking's website.
  2. Pulse Smart Pen – The Smart Pen records audio and links it to what you write. It automatically captures everything as you write and draw. The smart pen works only with Livescribe dot paper. Both can be purchased at Amazon, Target, Staples, and other retail stores as well as the Live Scribe website.This is an excellent tool to supplement your notetaking if you are an individual who qualifies for note-taking as an accommodation.
  3. Read & Write Gold--Download the Read and Write Gold Software Program from our website. This software provides support with reading, writing, and study skills.  

New software and educational apps are being developed all the time. Before you come to college, take a look around and see what might be helpful to you.

Medications: if you are taking any medications, make the necessary arrangements with a doctor close to the campus who will be available to monitor dosage, if necessary. You will need to be responsible for taking your medication on schedule so take responsibility for that before leaving for college.



Image of student writing