Tutor Application

A limited number of work study positions are available each year as tutors.  Students interested in working as a tutor are required to submit an application and a recommendation from a faculty member in the subject you will be tutoring.  You will then be asked to meet with someone from LSS for an interview.  If hired, you will be expected to attend tutor training prior to beginning tutoring sessions.

The tutoring positions are great for experience and for the flexibility you have in scheduling your tutoring appointments.  The positions are not good if you need to be guaranteed a specific number of hours so that you can pay your bills.  The number of hours requested for tutors fluctuates and is totally dependent on the demands of our students.

The ideal situation is when you have a few regular students that you work with each week so that you have a set number of hours, but that is not the norm.  Certain subjects are more in demand than others, so much will depend on your area of expertise.

Thank you for your interest.

Unless you are responding to an advertisement or posting, please do not submit unsolicited tutor applications.

The forms below are for Chemistry and Physics Homework Help Applicants Only.


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