Below is a list of forms needed for various activities within LSS.

Exam Proctoring  This form needs to be completed in advance for any exams to be proctored in the LSS office.

Request for Academic Accommodations  Students who have submitted documentation need to complete this form each semester in order to receive accommodation letters for their professors.

Science HW Help Tutor Application and Reference Form Students applying to work as Chemistry or Physics Homework Help Tutors must complete the Science HW Help Tutor Application and Reference Form and submit it to LSS.  Request a reference from a professor in the subject you hope to tutor.

Student Timesheet  This timesheet is used for all work study and tutor positions.  It can be submitted every 2 weeks to LSS.

Homework Help Sign-In Sheet  This is used for the Science homework help sessions.  All in attendance are expected to sign the sheet.

Learning Support Services Referral Form  This form can be used by faculty, staff, and student self-referral when requesting assistance from LSS.

Requests for Alternate Format Materials  These forms are for students who are eligible to receive textbooks and other materials in an alternate format.