Exam Proctoring

Please Note:

Advance notice is important so that the student knows if there is proctoring coverage and space at a specified time. This is especially critical during midterms and finals. Our space is limited so students will need to reserve a space early.

Occasionally it may be necessary to take an exam with LSS due to schedule conflicts, a reduced-distraction setting, etc. If eligible for extended time and a student has back-to-back classes, the exam will need to be taken at a different time. In most cases, the student will work this out with the professor, with the possibility of taking the exam in their office, department office, another classroom, or with LSS. This is something that needs to be arranged in advance with the professor and with the LSS Office.

An Exam Proctoring Form needs to be completed when taking an exam with LSS. It helps ensure proper administration of the exam according to the requirements of the professor.

To view a short video on how to schedule an exam with LSS, click on the following link: http://villanova.adobeconnect.com/p9lnznuvh9c/

* Guide to taking exams with LSS transcript.docx
Text only version of the video