Copy and Distribution

The Distribution and Copy Center (DACC) provides a variety of services to the Law School Community, including:

Course Material

DACC distributes supplementary materials and other handouts and assignments for students throughout the year. A fee for these materials may be charged, depending on the nature of the material and the number of pages involved.


All mail for the Law School is handled through DACC. The U.S. Postal Service picks up mail from DACC Monday through Friday. All members of the VLS community may drop off mail for Postal Service pick-up. The Campus Mail Service also picks up and delivers mail at DACC.

Print Center

DACC provides copy services for the entire VLS community. All copying must be in strict compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws and with University policies on copyright and intellectual property. DACC is staffed by a copier technician during normal business hours. All printers/copiers are maintained and serviced through Center staff.


Students may sign-up for a locker and obtain a lock from DACC.

Lost & Found

Lost items may be turned in and claimed at DACC.

Contact Information

Telephone: 610-519-6899


9am to 5pm Monday through Friday

DACC accepts the following forms of payment: Wildcard, check and credit card.


Graphic Services

Phone: 610-519-6899
Fax: Fax 610-519-5672
Office: Law School Rm L02

To reserve a room in the law school, use Resource Scheduler