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Art Law Society

Mission:  The Art Law Society strives to give Villanova Law students the opportunity to learn about this unique area of law and to explore different career paths relating to Art Law. Art Law is made up of many different aspects of the law including contracts, business, international law, and litigation. The ALS hopes to create an opportunity for networking in this specialized field and bring guest speakers to the law school to inform members of the different areas of Art Law as well as to enrich the law school community local creative endeavors.


2015-2016 Officers:

Mark Houston, 2017  Co-President

Matt DiMaio, 2017 Co-President

Maggie Trembath, 2017 Co-Vice President

Cody Wade, 2016   Co-Vice President

Virgina Hansen, 2017 Secretary

Eliese Herzl-Betz, 2017 Treasurer  

Benjamin Yarter, 2017  Alumni Outeach


Advisor:  Professor Diane Edelman


Asian and Pacific American Law Students Association

Mission: APALSA is dedicated to the advancement of its members and the Asian American community in and beyond Villanova. We strive to strengthen our networks, provide opportunities, and promote our community by educating our members and the legal community about issues critical to Asian Pacific Americans.


2015-2016 Officers:

Sophie Nguyen, 3L, President

Cynthia Bien, 3L, Vice-President

Lori Vetrano, 3L, Secretary



Advisors:  Professors Joseph Dellapenna and Tuan Samahon



Black Law Students Association

Mission: The VLS Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an official chapter of the National Black Law Students Association that seeks to foster the profession of law among individuals of Black ancestry as well as other individuals who have an interest in legal issues relevant to the Black community. BLSA strives to meaningfully influence the legal community though various professional, social, and community activities and services.


2015-2016 Officers:

President: Natasha Felder 2016

Vice President: Effi Taylor 2017

Treasurer: Sydney Naylor 2017

Secretary: Grace Tuffuor 2017

Historian: Simeon Poles 2017

Inclusiveness Commission Representative: Effi Taylor 2017


Advisor:  Professor Teressa Ravenell




Christian Legal Society

CLS is a non-denominational Christian membership association whose members participate in the broad and rich variety of Christian congregational life and traditions. We meet for bible studies and for social events.


2015-2016 Officer: 

President: Roni Mathew, 2L

Vice President: Phillip Harrarine, 2:

Treasurer: Danielle Pierre, 2L

3L Advisor: Cassandre Juste, 3L


Advisor: Brian McCabe




Coalition Advocating for Rights and Dignity

Mission: The VLS Coalition Advocating for Rights and Dignity (CARD) was created to raise awareness on issues concerning human trafficking and immigration, as well as issues that affect Philadelphia's underserved populations. CARD works to connect Villanova law students interested in service to like-minded professionals, to provide practical learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom, and to create a civil environment for debating issues that impact vulnerable populations in the Philadelphia area and beyond.


President: Amanda Travers 3L

Vice President: Judy Chaverri 3L

Secretary: Brianna Schill 2L

Treasurer: Marie Bussey 2L

Advisor: Associate Dean Michelle Madden Dempsey



Corporate Law Society

Mission: The Corporate Law Society (CLS) seeks to educate students in the field of corporate law and to provide a network for students of like minds to further their interests. The CLS strives to accomplish its mission by exposing students to all aspects of corporate law - including corporate securities, bankruptcy, merger and acquisition, private equity and other related practices - through contact with attorneys and academics dedicated to the study of corporate law in the local community.



2015-2016 Officers:   

President: Sean Caulfield

Vice President: Rebecca Barrett

Secretary: Ashley Catalano-Leckerman

Treasurer: Andrew Barris

Director of Public Relations: Kelly Conway

Director of Operations: Karl Fowlkes

CLE Coordinators: Evan Holland & Joe McElwee

Advisor:  Professor Richard Booth



Criminal Law Society

Mission:  The Criminal Law Society's mission is to promote the field of Criminal Law and all aspects of that field.  CLS will do so through providing academic experiences, community service initiatives, and social events for members of the society, the Villanova Law community, and the Main Line/Philadelphia community at large.


2016 Officers:

President:  Kristen Taylor, 1L

Vice-President:  Christian Wynne, 1L

Secretary:  Jamie Pizzi, 1L

Treasurer:  Reece Cooke, 1L

Public Relations:  Siobhan Harding, 1L

Advisors:  Professor Steven Chanenson and Dean Michelle Dempsey


Education Law Society

Mission:  The Education Law Society's mission is to connect students who are interested in education law and create a network within VLS to reach out to the community, promote legal advocacy in the field of education, and increase awareness of education-related issues in our community and nationwide.


Officers 2015 - 2016:

Rebecca Feuerhammer, 2017, Founding Member Lizzie Flanagan, 2017, Founding Member Liesel Herzl-Betz, 2017, Founding Member

Email Address:

Advisor: Vice Dean Todd Aagard




Environmental and Energy Law Society

Mission: The purpose of the Environmental and Energy Law Society is to inform students of the job opportunities available in the Environmental Law field. In addition, EELS provides students with a network of contacts in the field.


2015-2016 Officers:

Ashley Baxter, 2L, Co-President

Maria Salvemini, 2L, Co-President

Kelsey Krier, 2L, Treasurer

Emily Paulus, 2L, Secretary


Advisor: Vice Dean Todd Aagaard





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Family Law Society

Mission: Our mission is to facilitate an environment for students to learn about Family law in Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. We hope to help students gain experience learning from and networking with practicing attorneys and judges.


Officers 2015-2016:

Dan Casullo, 2L, President

Kelly Weber, 2L, Secretary

Rachael Gordon, 2L, Treasurer

Advisor: Joni Berner, Esq.



Fashion Law Society

Our mission is to further interest and promote awareness of the unique legal challenges facing the fashion industry. Some of these challenges include issues surrounding protecting intellectual property rights, employment matters, real estate & property, and licensing.

Officers 2015-2016:

Katherine Del Raso (3L) - President

Joe D'Ascenzo (3L) - Vice President

Kelsey O'Neil (2L) - Director of Marketing and Operations


Advisor: Professor Ann Juliano





Federalist Society

Mission: The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order.  It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what is should be.  The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.



President:  Mary Zoeller, 2017

Vice President:  Mike O'Neill, 2017

Treasurer:  Andrew Zoeller, 2016

Advisor:  Professor Tuan Samahon



Health Law Society

Mission:  To create opportunities for students to gain exposure to career opportunities and network with attorneys currently working in health care. To engage students in pro bono legal research projects, and establish group networking connections.


2015-2016 Officers:

Sarah Ebersole, 2L, President

Andrew Olcese, 2L, Vice

Advisor: Professor Michael Campbell



Hispanic American Law Students Association

Mission: HALSA's mission is to represent the professional need and goals of law students of Hispanic descent throughout their law school career and ensure meaningful participation in the US legal profession.

Advisors: Professor Vicenc Feliu


2015 - 2016 Officers:   

Judy Chaverri, 3L, President

Abel Garza, 3L, Vice-President

Maria Santos, 3L, Vice-President

Alexander Torres, 2L, Secretary

Alessa Torres, 2L, Treasurer

Chris Brolley, 3L, Director of Operations

Brian Ponce, 2L, 2L Representative



Honor Board

Mission: The Honor Board is established by the Faculty of the Villanova Law School to: (a) administer, in conjunction with the Faculty, this Code of Conduct; (b) assist the Administration of the Villanova Law School in the administration of examinations; (c) administer student elections in cooperation with the Student Bar Association; and (d) review this Code of Conduct periodically and recommend amendments.

Advisor: Professor Doris Brogan


See Honor Board for Officers and more information.


Immigration Law Society


The purpose of the immigration law society is to encourage members to volunteer their time and energy to efforts in the Philadelphia area through involvement with various immigration organizations, a critical need in this area of law; inform students of employment, volunteer and school-related opportunities that arise in the immigration law field; educate members of upcoming lectures, seminars, and workshops related to immigration law; and provide support for students interested in the field of immigration law.


2015-2016 Officers:

President:  Kim Keenen, '16

Vice President: Rachel Silver, '16

Secretary:  Amanda Travers, '16

Treasurer:  Dan White, '16


Advisor:  Michele Pistone



Intellectual Property Society

Mission: The Intellectual Property Society strives to educate students about potential careers in IP law and current issues in the field.  THe Society does this through group meetings, panel discussions, and networking with VLS alumni. 


2015-2016 Officers:

The Intellectual Property (IP) Society provides its members with information about IP courses at VLS, guidance regarding careers in the IP field, and opportunities to connect with alumni in the Philadelphia area.



Jessica Watkins, 2016, President

Fara Cohen, 2017, Treasurer

Joseph Brooks, 2017, Secretary

Joshua Javitz, 2016, Outreach Coordinator

Advisor:  Professor Michael Risch


International Law Society

Mission: To engage in discussion and action within the VLS community that focuses on issues of international law, and to foster an environment of diversity within the law school.


2015-2016 Officers:  

President:  Matthew Arnold, 2L

Vice President:  Kimberly Keenen, 3L

Treasurer:  Jonathan Silva, 2L

Secretary:  Lauren Otero, 3L

Fundraising Coordinator:  

Advisor:  Professor Ruth Gordon



Jewish Law Students Association

Mission: The mission of JLSA is to provide a community and outlet for Jewish students at Villanova Law. Being Jewish at a Catholic university presents a unique set of challenges and experiences, and JLSA provides an outlet to discuss those issues as well as bonding opportunities for people with similar backgrounds.


Officers 2015-2016:  

Rachel Silver, 3L, President

Board Member Adam Settle, 3L

Board Member Haley Post, 3L

Board Member Fara Cohen, 2L

Board Member Lauren Berenbaum, 2L

Advisor: Professor Diane Edelman


The Justinian Society

Mission:  The Villanova Chapter of the Justinian Society is an educational organization of lawyers and law students whose ancestry is Italian and other interested VLS community members. It is engaged in activities directed toward maintaining the honor and dignity required of the legal profession.


President:  Matt Giannascoli

Email Address:


Advisor:  Professor Michele Pistone


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Law Students for Life

Mission: Villanova Law Students For Life believes in the human right to life at all stages. Our goal is to provide information and promote awareness of practices that threaten life and to encourage discussion on those topics. We seek to provide the VLS community with a forum where students can develop pro-life approaches to moral and legal questions. Our hope is to support and nurture future legal professionals who look to promote the pro-life cause.


2015-2016 Officers:

Shannon Delaney, 2L, co-chair

Daniella Horn, 3L, co-chair

Advisor: Professor Tuan Samahon

National Lawyer's Guild

Mission: We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.


2015-2016 Officers:  

Director: Ever Hanna (2017)

More board members will be determined as projects are decided on and membership is shored up.

Advisor:  Caitlin Barry


Mission:  OUTLaw strives to promote inclusion of the LGBT community at Villanova Law School, encouraging fellow students, faculty and staff to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding issues within the LGBT community. OUTLaw welcomes ALL members of the Villanova community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to partake in our meetings and events.


2015-2016 Officers:  

Holly Jones - '16 - Co-President

Jim Lebair - '16 - Co-President

Sophie Nguyen - '16 - Treasurer

Advisor:  Professor Ellen Wertheimer



Phi Alpha Delta

Mission: Phi Alpha Delta is a co-ed legal fraternity designed to bring law students with all interests together for a common purpose of community service and support. Phi Alpha Delta connects current law students with alumni to enhance the students' law school careers.


Officers 2015-2016:  

Amanda Garger, 3L: Justice

Harini Bupathi, 3L: Vice Justice

Andrew Zoeller, 3L: Treasurer

Mary Zoeller, 2L: Treasurer

Maggie Trembath, 2L: Marshal

Jordan McGee, 3L: Philanthropy Chair

Jonathan McCrosson, 3L: VP of Recruitment

Advisor: TBA


Pro Bono Society

Mission:  The purpose of the PBS is to 1) provide much needed legal services to those who do not have access to such services, 2) provide students of every class year with opportunities to participate in a variety of long term and short term pro bono legal work, and 3) provide students with the opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience in various leagl fields.

Advisor: Professor MaryAnn Robinson and Professor Dveera Segal


Officers:  2015 - 2016 

Ian Forster, 3L, President

Steve Bertil, 3L, President

John D'Elia, 3L, Treasurer

Rachael Gordon, 2L, Secretary

Robert Zanella, 2L, Wills for Heroes Chair
Katie Clarke, 2L, Birth Certificate Clinic Chair
Taylor Adams, 2L, PA Innocence Project Chair
Peter Jennings, 2L, PA Innocence Project Chair
B. Ever Hana, 2L, Street Law Chair
Christian Martin, 2L, Street Law Chair



Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP)


PIFP fundraises throughout the academic year to provide summer fellowships for those who spend their summer working for public interest organizations or the government. Throughout the year we host numerous school wide events to raise money and obtain support for our organization. Our main event is the annual auction, which has been hosted for more than fifteen years by our organization.

Please see the PIFP pages for more information including the list of Board members.

Fellowship Coordinator:  Brittany Daniels, 3L

Secretary:  Jennifer Healey, 2L

Volunteer Coordianators:  Holly Jones, 3L

Elizabeth Flanagan, 2L

Treasurer:  Katherine Clarke, 2L

Solicitation Coordinators:  Kelsey Krier, 2L, Alayna Brauer, 3L

Special Events Coordinators:  Harini Bupathi, 3L, Brooke Razor, 3L

Development and Alumni Coordinator:  Natasha Felder, 3L

Publicity and Technology:  Phillip Harrinarine, 2L

Directors:  Steve Bertil, 3L, Ian Forster, 3L

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano




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Sports and Entertainment Law Society

Mission: The Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Society's mission is to offer students opportunities to learn, experience and study the application of law to the sports/entertainment industry and to assist students in their pursuit of related careers.


Officers 2015-2016:

President: Chris Brolley (3L)

Vice Presidents: Paige Devine (3L) & Matt Kaiser (3L)

Treasurer: Eric Galko (2L)

Secretary: Madison Clemens (2L)

Event Chairs: Jillian Rafferty (2L) & Grace Lempka (2L) Tech Coordinator: Matt Weiss (3L)

Advisor: Andrew Brandt


St. Thomas More Society

Mission: The Saint Thomas More Society dedicates itself to promoting the Catholic faith at Villanova Law School. We endeavor to build a sense of community among our members, fostering personal and group spirituality. Through Masses, lectures, retreats and informal social gatherings, we aim to help students incorporate their Catholic faith into their law school experience. Under the patronage of Saint Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers, we strive to support each other in the effort to live lives based on the Gospel and to work for harmony and goodwill throughout the legal community.


Officers:  2015-2016 

President:  Amelia Curotto '17

Vice President: Stephanie Boggs '16

Treasurer: Robert Lavoie '16

Advisor: Vice Dean Todd Aagaard


Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Mission: The purpose of SALDF is to raise awareness for the plight of suffering animals, volunteer at animal shelters to improve their lives, and spread knowledge about different ways to aid animals in need.

Email :

Officers 2015-2016:

President, TBD (meeting will be held after the activities fair)

Vice President, Matt Kaiser '16

Secretary, TBD (meeting will be held after the activities fair)

Treasurer, Kristyn Jones '16,

Advisor: Professor Louis Sirico

Visit us on Facebook


Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the official resource and liaison for the student body in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and students. Upon enrollment at the Villanova University School of Law, each student becomes a member of the organization. The SBA Board consists of 19 elected positions and one appointed position. 

SBA is also the umbrella student organization on the law school campus. The SBA Board provides funding, authorization, and guidance for all student organizations.

Early in the year, the SBA Board assists in the first year students' orientation program and allocates funds to student organizations. Throughout the year, the SBA Board sponsors social activities, fundraisers, symposia, forums, and intramural sports events.


Please see the SBA page for more information including a list of Officers.


Tax Law Society

Our mission is to educate students on opportunities within tax law practice, foster networking opportunities for students with local tax attorneys, and to provide the community with low income taxpayer services as volunteers in the IRS VITA Program. We also strive to provide educational opportunities for local practitioners and to provide them with an educated Villanova student body in their quest for interns, externs, or employment opportunities.


2015-2016 Officers:   

Daniel S. Eckenrode '16- President

Richard Calabrese '17- Vice President

Melissa Hensinger '16- VITA Chair

Frederick Mitsdarfer '16- Treasurer

Nathan Rudy '17- Secretary

Advisor: Professors Linda Love Vines and Leslie Book



Transactional LawMeet®

Mission:  This club prepares a team (or teams) to compete in the Transactional LawMeet® competition against other law schools from around the country.


2015-2016 Officers:

President:  Mary Raffaele

Vice President:  Nicole Paladino

Acting Treasurer:  Mary Raffaele

Advisor:  Professor Melanie McMenamin


Villanova Law Democrats

Mission: The Villanova Law Democrats comprise the Democratic Party's base at the Law School. We seek to inform, energize, and channel the political interests of Democratic law students through activities both on and off campus. We host a variety of speakers and panels in addition to other campaign activities outside the law school. Through our efforts, the Villanova Law Democrats seek to provide a way for students to connect with others while at Villanova Law School and to connect with important Democratic figures in Philadelphia and across the country.



2015-2016 Officers:  

President:  Omeed Firouzi and Colin Milon

Vice President: 


Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano


Villanova Law Republicans

The Villanova Law Republicans unites those in the VLS community who believe in the platform of the Republican Party.  We invite elected officials, candidates, and other speakers to discuss current political events and issues.  The Villanova Law Republicans works to promote Republican principles through campus activities as well as off-campus campaign activities.


2015-2016 Officers:   

President: Sean Gale, 2016,

Vice President: Tim Bitler, 2016

Secretary: Rachel Weller, 2016

Treasurer: Peter Jennings, 2016

Advisor:  Professor Tuan Samahon


Women's Law Caucus

Mission:  WLC organizes and participates in programs and events to raise awareness about legal and non-legal issues that affect women and to create spaces for its members and the Law School community to openly discuss them. WLC has strong relationships with other students groups at the Law School and with Villanova alumni. WLC welcomes any member of the Law School community as a member of its organization.


Officers:  2015-2016

Marie Bussey, 2L, President

Nikki Palladino, 3L, Vice President

Kelly Conway, 2L, Treasurer

Kelly Weber, 2L, Secretary

Ashley Keefer, 3L, Outreach Coordinator

Meghan Farley, 3L, Outreach Coordinator

Dan Casullo, 2L, Men's Outreach Coordinator

Jonathan Millis, 3L, Men's Outreach Coordinator                     

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano



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