3L Legacy

    The 3L Legacy is a way for Third Year law students to show their class pride and appreciation for their exceptional experiences while at Villanova Law.  It also helps maintain the outstanding education that is Villanova Law by establishing a tradition of philanthropy that strengthens programs for future law students.

    We know that members of the class will pursue many different careers and have varying capacities to give.  A gift no matter the level counts toward participation.  A high participation rate means a great deal to Villanova Law, as it demonstrates your loyalty to ensure the best for future law students, and helps us to receive additional funding from corporations and foundations.   

    The overall class gift total and participation rate will be celebrated at the 2014 Third Year Brunch, hosted by the Alumni Association.

Click Here to make a gift

Once you are on the giving website, start by selecting the fund to which you'd like to support.  If you want to give to anything other than the Fund for Villanova Law, select "Other Designation".  Then follow the prompts on each screen.  Be sure to include your class year before you click submit.



Gift Incentives (minimum of $20.14):

  • Exclusive Class of 2014 T-shirt (while supplies last)
  • Invitation for you and your guest to attend a Happy Hour at the 10 Arts Bistro in the Ritz the hour prior to the Barrister's Ball (your gift must be in by January 31 to qualify)

Gift Incentives (minimum of $50):

  • Entry in a raffle to win the Dean's Seats at a Villanova Men's Basketball game

BARBRI Incentive ($20.14 - $100)

  • Discount on your prep course for every dollar that you donate to VLS from $20.14 up to $100 (your gift must be in by April 1 to receive the deduction)
  • Entry in a raffle to win $500 off your course (winner will be selected during the week of March 17)

Congratulations Cali Eckler!

Congratulations Cali Eckler!

3L Legacy Events

Campaign Kick-Off Event
Thursday, October 10, 2013
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
The Commons
All 3Ls are invited to attend
Pre-Barrister's Ball Happy Hour
Friday, February 7, 2014
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
10 Arts Bistro at The Ritz
All 3Ls who make a minimum gift of $20.14 (by 1/31/14) and their dates are invited to attend.

3L Honor Roll of Donors

Tarik Abdel-Meguid  
Charles Adams  
Paige Alderson  
Matthew Alkon  
Ayisha Alvi  
Samantha Banks  
Jessica Bass
Adrienne Beatty  
Christina Belitz  
Lauren Bennett  
Leigh Benson  
Anna Besson  
John Bogan  
Benjamin Bolas  
Matthew Boyd  
Keelin Boyle  
Ryan Brady  
Ainsley Brinton  
Angela Brosnan  
Jamie Bustamante  
Matthew Cali  
June Carfagno  
Emily Cathcart  
Joseph Catuzzi  
Peter Chandler  
Manav Chopra  
Nicholas Ciccone  
Jonathan Ciriello  
Adam Cole  
Christina Cozzetto  
Russell Crotts  
Mark DellePazze  
Sean Daly  
Lauren DeLuca  
Michael DeRienzo  
Joanna Dinardi  
Ruxandra Dumitrescu  
Cali Eckler  
Thomas Elliot  
Brian Farrell  
Adam Fenstermaker  
Jamie Flack  
Tiera Fletcher  
Lauren Fogarty  
Omid Force  
Iulia Fradkin  
Christopher Ganz  
Joseph Garbarino  
Jenna Gerrick  
Matthew Girandola  
Ross Goren  
Thomas Grant  
Clayton Gritz  
Karrie Gurbacki  
Jeffrey Hall-Gale  
Chelsea Hanse  
Lauren Harsha  
Michael Haviland  
Alexa Heisler  
Sara Herchenroder  
Kathryn Hester  
Sara Hoffman  
Daniel Hunt  
Bianca Iozzia  
Kristen Jones  
Parker Justi  
Gregory Katz  
Sadeq Khan  
Ali Kliment  
Negar Kordestani  
Christopher Kozlowski  
Jacquelyn Kunkel  
Marwan Kuzbari  
Megan Lagreca  
Ashleigh Latonick  
Helena Lazares  
Daniel LePera  
Dominic LaFauci  
Jacqueline Liguori  
Austin Lucas  
Michelle Majkut  
Kimberly Mangels  
William Mastrianna  
Stephen McCloskey  
Allison McDonald  
Glenn McGillivray  
Kelli McGinnis  
Daniel McGrath  
John Mezzanotte  
Alyssa Miller  
Megan Miller  
Sarah Minteer  
Richard Moore  
Michael Morabito  
Anya Morrison  
Andrew Mount  
Alexandra Muolo  
Allison Nicklin  
Nicolas Novy  
Chad Odhner  
Michael O'Donnell  
Samantha Peruto  
Alexandra Peters  
Kane Podraza  
Daron Raleigh  
Evan Rassman  
Ashleigh Reibach  
Chelsea Rendelman  
Ashleigh Reibach  
Brandie Rollins  
Michelle Rosenberg  
Kristen Rossetti  
Colleen Rush  
Katelyn Sadowski  
Robert Sainvil  
Alyssa Sajczuk  
Paola Saneaux  
Peter Sass  
Lauren Sawyer  
Dylan Scher  
Christian Schmied  
Thomas Seery  
Megan Shannon  
Melisa Shiroda  
Aleena Sorathia  
Mark Spross  
Thalia Staikos  
Jude Steininger  
Emily Stilwell  
Vanessa Stine  
Miranda Sturgis  
Michael Sunkel  
Landon Synnestvedt  
Michaella Tassinari  
Ashley Toczylowski  
Alexandra Trunzo  
Laura Tucker  
Elisabeth Ulmer  
Lany Villalobos  
Stephen Vitabile  
Michael Vives  
John Volpe  
Robert Walters  
Joseph Wolfe  
Whitney Young  
Kelly Zheng  
Evan Zimmerman  

Class of 2014 Legacy Committee Members

    The Administration and Development Office would like to thank the following members of the Class of 2014 for helping to create a culture of giving and for paving the way for future law students:

Sara Hoffman - co-chair
Glenn McGillivray - co-chair
Brandie Rollins - co-chair


Jessica Bass
John Mezzanotte
Keelin Boyle
Richard Moore
Angela Brosnan Alexandra Muolo
Matthew Cali Allison Nicklin
Emily Cathcart Nick Novy
Jon Ciriello Alexandra Peters
Lauren DeLuca Kane Podraza
Chelsea Hanse Daron Raleigh
Michael Haviland Robert Sainvil
Sara Herchenroder Thomas Seery
Bianca Iozzia Aleena Sorathia
Daniel LaPera Thalia Staikos
Allison McDonald Ashley Toczylowski

For questions or for more information, contact Dana Chipko at Chipko@law.villanova.edu or 3llegacy@law.villanova.edu.

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