Past CLE Programs

2012 - 2013 CLE & Symposia

2013 Environmental Law Journal Symposium

April 13, 2013

2013 Villanova Environmental Law Journal Annual Blank Rome LLP Symposium: Decarbonization: a New Direction in Climate Change Policy?

This symposium addressed the science, law, and policy of decarbonization, a strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by replacing major fossil fuel uses with non-carbon alternative technologies. Scientists, legal scholars, economists, and policy experts assessed whether a combination of new "clean" replacement technologies is a realistic and feasible way to maintain our standard of living while eliminating or sharply reducing the major sources of greenhouse gases that are causing climate change.

Keynote speaker: Howard Latin, Distinguished Professor of Law and Justice John J. Francis Scholar, Rutgers University School of Law at Newark, and author of Climate Change Policy Failures: Why Conventional Mitigation Approaches Cannot Succeed (2012).

Other speakers include:

  • David Driesen, University Professor, Syracuse University College of Law
  • Dr. Frank A. Felder, Director, Center for Energy, Economic & Environmental Policy, Rutgers University
  • Kenneth Gillingham, Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale University
  • Dr. Stewart Prager, Director, Princeton Plasma Lab
  • Dr. Ajay K. Prasad, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Director, Center for Fuel Cell Research, University of Delaware
  • Matthew Stepp, Senior Policy Analyst, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
  • Dr. Michael Trachtenberg, Managing Director, Greenhouse Gas Industries, LLC
Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal Symposium Concussion Conundrum

March 15, 2013

Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal Symposium: Concussion Conundrum

This symposium explored, debated, and informed on the key issues facing players,     teams, leagues, doctors, and lawyers regarding head injuries and brain trauma in     sports.

Panels included:

  • commentary from retired professional athletes—Keith Primeau, Jim Nelson, Taylor Twellman, and  Brian Westbrook—about concussion awareness and prevention amongst players;
  • an examination of both sides of the NFL Concussion Injury Litigation—the concussion injury class action suit brought by former NFL players against the league—featuring an attorney for the plaintiff
  • an exploration of the science and concussion-related liability facing professional and amateur sports
  • a look at the state of sports and concussions with media personalities.

Click here for an archived webcast of the event.

March 12, 2013

The Villanova University School of Law Corporate Law Society hosted its 2nd Annual Corporate Law Society CLE Event entitled, "Legal Career Paths: Private Practice or In-house?"

The event featured the following speakers who discussed various aspects of working in private practice versus in-house: 

Kristine Wellman, Esq.
  Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, Capital One Financial Corporation

Josh Averill, Esq.
  Banking and Consumer Financial Regulatory Attorney, Bank of America

Speakers at the Norman J. Shachoy Law Review Symposium: Assessing the CISG and Other International Endeavors to Unify International Contract Law

January 18, 2013

The Norman J. Shachoy Law Review Symposium: Assessing the CISG and Other International Endeavors to Unify International Contract Law

The Villanova Law Review held a symposium on "Assessing the CISG and Other International Endeavors to Unify International Contract Law: Has the Time Come for a New Global Initiative to Harmonize and Unify International Trade?" This topic is both timely and important as the United Nations is considering a proposal to study whether it should undertake the drafting a new convention on international sales law. The symposium featured the leading authorities on the subject of international sales law from across the globe, including the Secretary of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), The Honorable Renaud Sorieul.

Participants Included: 

  • Yesim Atamer, Professor of Law, Istanbul Bilgi University; Vice Director, European Union Institute , Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Michael Bridge, Cassel Professor of Commercial Law, London School of Economics
  • Sieg Eiselen, Professor of Private Law, University of South Africa
  • Harry Flechtner, Professor of International and Domestic Commercial Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  • Alejandro Garro, Adjunct Professor of Law and Senior Research Scholar, Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law, Columbia University School of Law
  • John Y. Gotanda, Dean and Professor, Villanova University School of Law
  • Keith Loken, Assistant Legal Adviser for Private International Law, U.S. State Department
  • Alejandro Osuna, Adjunct Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana; Osuna Gonzáles y Asociados, S.C.
  • Jan Ramberg, Professor Emiritus, University of Stockholm; former Chairman, CISG Advisory Council
  • Dr. Djakhongir Saidov, Professor of International Sales Law, University of Birmingham and Birmingham Law School
  • Dr. Ulrich Schroeter, Chair for Private Law, International Corporate Law, and European Business Law, University of Mannheim
  • Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer, Professor of Private and Comparative Law, University of Basel
  • Han Shiyuan, Professor of Civil Law, Tsinghua University School of Law; Director, European and Comparative Law Center, Tsinghua University
  • Hiroo Sono, Professor of Law, Hokkaido University
  • Lisa Spagnolo, Assistant Lecturer in Property Law, Monash University
  • Renaud Sorieul, Secretary, UNCITRAL; Director, International Trade Law Division, United Nations Office of Legal Affairs
  • Pilar Perales Viscasillas, Chair of Commercial Law, University Carlos III of Madrid
  • Peter Winship, Professor of International and Domestic Commercial Law, SMU Dedman School of Law

Click here for an archived webcast of the event.


Other Previous CLE & Symposia Include:

  • Preparing Students to be Practice-Ready Attorneys
    Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshop at Villanova Law School (12/4/2012)
  • Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal Annual Symposium: Moneyball's Impact on Business and Sports (02/10/12)
  • Villanova University Law Review Norman J. Shachoy Symposium (9/23/2011)
  • Environmental Law Journal Symposium: Renewable Energy Development and Wildlife (01/29/11)
  • Sports and Entertainment Law Journal Symposium: Stitching Together the Past, Present, and Future of Antitrust Law in Professional Sports with an American Needle: Where Do Professional Sports Leagues Stand after American Needle v. NFL? (01/29/2011)
  • Villanova University School of Law Matthew J. Ryan Law and Public Policy Forum: Innocents Behind Bars: The Keys to Exoneration (01/21/11)
  • Joseph T. McCullen Symposium on Catholic Social Thought and Law
    Symposium on Jean Porter - Ministers of the Law: A Natural Law Theory of Legal Authority (10/22/10)
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