Our Catholic Identity

Red Mass 2012 Fr. Peter Donohue

The Law School embraces the Catholic intellectual tradition and the Catholic and Augustinian character of Villanova University.  Throughout our curriculum, we emphasize ethics and formation, and we encourage our students to pursue justice and to serve the common good.  In addition, we encourage discourse about the relevance and impact of religion to law in such areas as jurisprudence, bioethics, constitutional law, Jewish law, and the vocation of lawyering.  We have instituted lectures, symposia, workshops, and special events that focus on law and religion. 

Significantly, our annual John F. Scarpa Conference on Law, Politics, and Culture and the annual symposium on Catholic Social Thought and the Law are widely considered to be among the preeminent such events in Catholic legal education.  We also have recruited a number of faculty who engage in scholarship at the intersection of law and religion and have become leaders in their fields. The Law School chaplaincy is integrated with Villanova's Center for Campus Ministry and offers opportunities for students of all faiths to seek the integration of their professional and spiritual lives