Theory in Practice

Theory in Practice

   As a Villanova Law student, you will find many opportunities to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world settings.  Whether you represent real clients with real legal problems in one of our clinics or participate in one of our externships, you will see how legal doctrine works to solve problems - and you will do so under the close supervision of our full-time faculty.

   In our simulation classes, taught by both full time faculty and experienced practitioners, you may act as the lawyer who 

  • guides the merger of two corporations from concept through negotiations to drafting all the necessary documents;
  • takes a case through pretrial motions and discovery, drafting the pleadings, taking depositions and arguing motions;
  • handle the range of legal issues that face in house counsel; or
  • collaborate with a team of practicing lawyer-consultants to form an e-corporation  and follow it through a complete business cycle.   

   You can become involved in pro bono work in our award-winning Lawyering Together program, or through any of our street law, know your rights or other pro bono initiatives.

   Beginning with the first year curriculum (for example, our innovative transactional practicum offered in Property and Contracts), and continuing through the upper level, our curriculum is geared to seamlessly apply theory to practice.