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The Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal is a national legal periodical published and edited twice per year by a staff of students chosen for membership based on their performance in an Open-Writing Competition.

The Journal is committed to publishing scholarly articles on topics of importance in the sports and entertainment law fields. It serves as an interpretative guide and research tool for practitioners, academics and students on issues of law in sports and entertainment. The Journal explains the significance of recent changes or developments as well as addresses the future of law. Past volumes have included articles on copyright infringement, ERISA, gender equity, antitrust, collective bargaining, and regulation of indecent speech.

The Journal formed its staff in the fall of 1993 under the guidance of former Associate Dean Robert Garbarino. The Journal published its first volume in 1994 as the Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Forum after receiving provisional approval from the law school faculty. In June 1995, the law school faculty granted the Forum approval as a permanent journal. In recognition of the faculty approval, the Board of Editors changed the name of Forum to the Journal.

The Journal recently changed its format from the Sports and Entertainment Law Journal to the Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal to honor the generous donation from our esteemed alumnus Jeffrey S. Moorad.  The online branch was created in 2012 to provide a source of up-to-date research and scholarship on cutting edge legal issues in sports.

The Journal welcomes submissions of articles for consideration from lawyers, practitioners, or others in the sports and entertainment fields. Publication does not indicate that the views expressed are adopted by the journal.

The Journal's citation conform to A Uniform System of Citation (16th ed. 1996), copyrighted by the Columbia, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal.

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The Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal (ISSN 1074-9187) is published twice per year by Villanova University School of Law at Villanova, Pa 19085.

Annual Subscription (Two Issues): $25.00
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To subscribe please send your name, address, phone number and email address to the address provided below. Please specify if you would like a subscription or a specific volume and issue number.

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Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal
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The Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal welcomes submissions in all areas of sports law.  We encourage submissions from academic, professional, and student authors.

Article Submissions

All submissions or questions regarding the submission of an article should be sent to the attention of the Managing Editor of Outside Articles.  Although it is preferred that submissions be sent via e-mail as a PDF or Microsoft Word attachment, submissions can also be mailed.  We also accept submissions through ExpressO.

Managing Editor of Outside Articles

Attn: Managing Editor of Outside Articles
Jeffery S. Moorad Sports Law Journal
Villanova University School of Law
299 North Spring Mill Road
Villanova, Pa 19085

Blog Submissions

All blogs must be submitted through email to the Managing Editor of Technology.  Submissions will be selected based upon the timeliness and relevancy of the topic, depth of research, and writing ability.  It is preferred that submitted blogs be between 750 and1200 words in length (excluding citations).


If anyone has suggestions of other sites pertaining to sports and entertainment law, please e-mail us at

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