Masters in Taxation (MT)

MT applicants are required to have earned, with an acceptable grade point average, a baccalaureate degree in accounting from an accredited university.  Official transcripts for all credits leading to that degree must be submitted.

In addition, MT applicants must have either passed the CPA exam or have taken the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) with an acceptable score.  Official GMAT scores and/or a copy of the CPA exam results or license must also be submitted.

MT applicants must also have at least one year's experience in the general field of taxation.

The MT program is also available in a fully online format.

Required Courses: MT


Credit Hours

Survey of Tax


Tax I


Tax II


Tax Procedure


Professional Responsibilities of Tax Practitioners 2
Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders 2
Partnership Taxation 2
Planning Course: Choose one elective from the planning course list.


An MT candidate must take the first three courses in the order listed above. They may be taken simultaneously.

Elective Courses

Please see the Curriculum page for a list of available electives.

Recommended Course Sequence

In general, students are permitted to arrange their own schedules and choose the sequence of courses that matches their own needs and time availability, subject to the core curriculum requirements described above.

However, required courses should usually be taken first. The recommended sequence of courses is listed below:

1 Survey of Tax
2 Tax I
3 Tax II
4 Tax Procedure
5-6 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders, Partnership Taxation (any order)
  At this point, select electives including required planning course.

Important:  Curriculum Changes Effective Fall 2014

Tax Research and Writing (LTX-3228)  and Law Governing Tax Practice (LTX-5000)  have been consolidated to create a new course  LTX-5005 Professional Responsibility of Tax Practitioners. This new 2 credit required course will be offered for the first time in Fall 2014.  LTX-3228 and LTX-5000 will no longer be offered.  For students matriculating prior to Fall 2014: If you have already taken either LTX-3228  or LTX-5000, you are not required to take this new course.  If you have previously taken Law Governing Tax Practice, you simply select a two-credit elective course in order to meet your credit requirements.

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