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Professor Leslie Book

The Villanova University interdisciplinary Graduate Tax Program is an evening program conducted jointly by the School of Law and the Villanova School of Business. We also offer classes in an online format. Nationally known full-time faculty from the Law School and Business School, complemented by adjunct faculty who are some of the region’s top private and public sector practitioners, teach over 45 courses over fall, spring and summer semesters.  Students are drawn from both the legal and accounting professions and interact, in and out of the classroom, in an educational dimension that broadens and sharpens their understanding of both federal tax law and procedure, and of the interests and aims of the opposite discipline.

The Program is designed and presented with the expectation that its graduates will emerge with significantly enhanced practical skills for issue identification and problem solving in the tax area, together with a heightened sensitivity to their professional role in the tax system and the role of that system in individual, commercial and financial affairs.  The Program stresses professional responsibility in tax practice and encourages the development of research and communication skills through the use of the digital research and communication facilities of the law school.

In addition to a broad based curriculum that offers significant depth in course coverage, certificate programs in Estate Planning, Employee Benefits, and Tax Controversy provide qualified professionals with an intense course of study in these three specialty areas.

Additional information can be found in the Graduate Tax Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.  For further questions about the Program e-mail Linda Vines, call 610-519-7043, or call toll-free 1-888-GRAD-TAX.

Taxation brochure

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Important:  Curriculum Changes Effective Fall 2014

Tax Research and Writing (LTX-3228)  and Law Governing Tax Practice (LTX-5000)  have been consolidated to create a new course  LTX-5005 Professional Responsibility of Tax Practitioners. This new required course will be offered for the first time in Fall 2014.  LTX-3228 and LTX-5000 will no longer be offered.  For students matriculating prior to Fall 2014: If you have already taken either LTX-3228  or LTX-5000, you are not required to take this new course.  If you have previously taken Law Governing Tax Practice, you simply select another elective course in order to meet your course requirements.

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