David Breen

Director, Federal Tax Clinic and Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice

Professor Breen directs the Federal Tax Clinic. He has been an adjunct professor at Villanova since 2007 and a visiting professor at Villanova and Tax Clinic Director since 2014.  Prior to joining the Tax Clinic, he was spent 40 years at the Internal Revenue Service, retiring in 2014 from the Office of Chief Counsel, IRS.  Professor Breen received his B.A. and M.B.A. from LaSalle University and his J.D. from Widener University School of Law.  He is also an adjunct professor in the Graduate Tax Program at Philadelphia University. 

He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars, focusing primarily on federal tax procedure and IRS’s various initiatives to identify and investigate U.S. taxpayers suspected of using financial accounts in tax-secrecy jurisdictions to evade U.S. taxes. He is a contributor to procedurallytaxing.com, a nationally recognized blog covering procedural tax issues.

While at IRS he was one of the lead attorneys on IRS’s Offshore Credit Card Project and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.   

He was chosen as the IRS Chief Counsel Robert H. Jackson National Attorney of the Year in 2010.  He also was recognized as the Small Business, Self-Employed Division Attorney of the Year.  Professor Breen is a 2011 recipient of the IRS Commissioner’s Award for his work in combating offshore tax evasion.

Tax Clinic Director David Breen

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Widener University School of Law, JD

LaSalle University, MBA

LaSalle University, BA