The Villanova Law Summer Externship Program

The Villanova Law Summer Externship Program ignites career-long learning in practice.  This unique educational program provides a platform for Law Students, Practitioners and Faculty Members to join in a collaborative learning enterprise that builds legal competency and professionalism.  More than just “doing” – this program teaches learning through doing.  At the Program’s Core: mindfully integrating legal theory with legal practice.

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Not just a summer,
a Villanova Law summer

Program Characteristics:

  • committment to 8 - 10 weeks of closely guided experiential learning
  • the ability to earn three (3) experiential education academic credits through an immersive experience (grading is pass/fail)
  • a pre-summer experiential-learning based orientation that primes the experience
  • guided journal and video reflections to support better lawyering (plan, do, reflect, integrate)
  • constructive reflection pre-, during, and post-experience with practitioners

Student Requirements:

  • attendance at a experiential-learning based orientation
  • attendance at a regional Summer Externship Program class held with a regional networking event (dates to be determined)
  • online submission (via Blackboard) of:
    •  selective reflective journal entries (due 5/30, 6/13, 6/27, 7/25, 8/8)
    • video-journal entries: one at experience midpoint (due 7/7), one at the end of your experience (due 8/22)
  • online submission of a midpoint (due 7/7) and a final (due 8/22) learning evaluation conducted jointly with the Field Instructor
  • online submission of externship-site evaluation (due 8/22)

Additional forms can be found here.

Questions?: Contact Casey Romero, interim Director of Experiential Learning

Externship Information Form

to be filled out and turned in to the Office of Financial Aid

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Summer Externships

Villanova Law's Summer Externship Program participants can earn three (3) academic credits through guided and close learning experiences with practitioners in judicial chambers, government offices, non-profit organizations, and private firms.  

    To gain academic credit, each participant attends an Orientation each May that is taught by practitioners experienced in mentoring and supporting law student learning. Additional details about Orientation will be posted as each summer approaches.