Pay Schedule, Direct Deposit & Payroll Deductions

You will be paid every other Friday, either by check, or through direct deposit, which is available for most banks. The pay period is Monday through Sunday. If you were to be absent from work on a payday, your check or direct deposit statement would be held by your department, and you would make any arrangements with your supervisor to obtain it.
Direct deposit is a safe, convenient way to get access to your pay as quickly as possible. If you choose to enroll in the direct deposit program, the University will automatically deposit your pay, after deductions, into one or more bank accounts which you designate. You will receive a statement of deposit instead of a check, and your regular pay stub listing all the pay periods additions and deductions will be attached.
For further information on payroll distribution options, or for a direct deposit enrollment form, contact the Payroll office, extension 9-4261, or visit the Payroll website.
Deductions which may be taken from your pay are:

•    Social Security Tax (Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program (FICA OASDI)
•    Medicare (FICA MED))
•    Federal Withholding Tax
•    State Withholding Tax
•    Radnor EMS Tax (currently $52 each year after the first $2,500 of earnings in the year)
•    Local Township Earned Income Taxes
•    SDI/UC (Employee obligations to the state  unemployment compensation fund when the state’s fund falls to a defined low point)
•    Philadelphia City Wage Tax (for residents of Philadelphia)
The employee’s share of the premiums for any of the University’s medical and dental plans
•    Reimbursement Accounts for health expenses and/or for child care expenses
Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance premiums
•    Employee contributions to the Basic Retirement Plan
•    Employee contributions to the Supplemental Retirement Plan
•    U.S. Savings Bond purchases
•    Parking fee
•    United Way pledge
•    Gifts to the University

Quick Links

Quick Links

Benefits & Wellness Portal: The Benefits and Wellness Portal provides access to benefits enrollment and changes due to life events, NovaFit wellness program, and your total compensation statement.

Who do I call in Human Resources? Check out the Human Resources Services Directory to find out who can best answer your questions.

myNOVA: Update your address or phone number, view and print your pay stub, or check on your available vacation time and more on the Work@VU tab on myNova. Use your LDAP/email user name and password to login.

Employment: View our job postings and apply for positions at our online hiring site. Villanova managers should log into our internal hiring site to create and approve electronic requisitions, and view applications.

Hotline: If you have a complaint or concern you would like to report anonymously, please contact the Ethics Point Hotline which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The hotline, provided through a third party, allows you to report any instance of misconduct in the workplace or classroom setting due to mismanagement of funds, fraud or other violation of law or University policy.

Mindful Mondays

Experience the wellness benefits of practicing mindfulness on a regular basis. Mindfulness meditation sessions run every Monday from 12:30-1:00pm in the Health Services Building, Room 200.